New PES-Only Package

The ANZCA CPD program was updated in 2023
The new ANZCA CPD program no longer uses points – it operates on an annual cycle, with minimum hourly and activity requirements. To see all the current / 2024 information on ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys please visit our complete and updated page available at

Are you looking to complete your ANZCA CPD mandatory Practice Evaluation (reviewing performance) activity? We’re now offering non-member access to our time-saving Patient Experience Survey service with a special PES-only package.

Update: In late-June 2018 ANZCA launched a new Paediatric (Child) version of their Patient Experience Survey and Summary Report. As we closely monitor ANZCA CPD updates for you, we have ensured this new amendment is live on our system and ready for you to use. Both Paediatric and Adult versions of the PES Survey & Summary Report are included in our service.

What does this mean for me?

We offer a one-time $199 PES-only option so that you can use this service without a monthly membership. You will have access to your own adult and paediatric surveys as well as one PES summary report that we will create for you and send with the signed ANZCA CPD form. (The renewal cost is then only $99)

We create an online profile page for you with a link to both your Paediatric and Adult Patient Experience Surveys (PES). Once you receive 15 (as per ANZCA guidelines) completed forms, we automatically summarise and collate your forms – removing the hassle of summarising the PES forms yourself or hiring someone to do so. (Update: Anaesthetists are not allowed to see a copy of each Patient experience survey submitted so you are unable to collate and summarise your forms yourself).

Our summaries can then be used as evidence for your ANZCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

How do ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys work? (quick)

  1. You join Anaesthetic Group – the PES is available as part of one of our monthly plans or via this new once-off PES-only add-on $199 option under our Free Plan – click here to join
  2. We act as your administrator
  3. We create an online profile page for you with a link to both your Paediatric and Adult Patient Experience Surveys (PES)
  4. Patients visit your page and complete your Patient Experience Survey
  5. We create your Patient Experience Survey Summary Report after 15 patient surveys have been completed (we act as your administrator)
  6. We send your Patient Experience Survey Summary Report (in PDF), signed ANZCA verification form and copy of the survey to you and your Feedback Provider (optional)
  7. You discuss your results and record the activity on the ANZCA CPD portfolio system
  8. Read the detailed version and FAQs here

It’s all very straightforward.

How do I encourage patients to complete my PES?

By far the easiest and most successful method is by including an automatic request on your bill/invoice.

I hope you had a positive experience with your recent surgery and are recovering well. I’d appreciate it if you could please complete my Patient Experience Survey at when you have a moment.

We will provide you with your short link when we set up your account.

To see an article on other methods of encouraging Post-Op / PES Feedback please click here. 

How will I receive the summary report?

Your PES Summary Report is sent as a PDF file via email

We check the number of Patient Experience Surveys usually the first week of each month. When we see you are over the minimum 15, we will contact you to see whether you are ready for the report. If your report is urgent, please let us know and we’ll check more often.

You should then receive your report within one week, along with all the necessary information and documents.

What does it look like?

The Patient Experience Survey Form is a simple to use secure online form. We have a demo available for you to try, please click here. It is set up as per ANZCA guidelines:

ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Survey Form

We create your Summary Report as a PDF in a clear and easy-to-read format:

How much does it cost?

Adult and Paediatric Patient Experience Surveys are both included in all paid monthly plans (pricing here). For non-members, we offer a PES-only package for $199 (renewal $99). We accept MasterCard, Visa and Amex.
Hot Tip: Joining the PES package costs the same as 3+ months on the Standard plan, so it makes sense to sign up to the Standard plan if you are completing your PES within 3 months! (All plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time)

Your PES-only package includes:

  • Profile page and unique link
  • Adult Patient Experience Surveys online form
  • Paediatric Patient Experience Surveys online form
  • One Patient Experience Surveys summary report (PDF)
  • Signed ANZCA confidentiality and CPD verification form
  • We also send you a copy of the details and documents needed to lodge the PES activity in ANZCA’s CPD platform

We do not apply a time limit or expiry on your surveys or PES package.

When you renew your PES-only package, there is a 50% discount so it is only $99 (to renew please contact us or click on the link we emailed you). Alternatively Patient Experience Surveys are included at no extra cost in all Standard and Premium monthly plans.

How do I sign up?

Please click here to sign up now or visit here to see our membership plans which include the Patient Experience Survey.

It’s really easy to get set up, and in less than one day you can be collecting your PES with minimum fuss.

I have more questions

If you would like more information please take a moment to visit our complete article ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Survey – Everything you need to know. Alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the ANZCA website.

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