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Happy New Financial Year!

As our members know, we always do our best to monitor the needs of our anaesthetists and their patients. We’re forever learning! For example, we recently discovered that 53.6% of our site visitors log in using mobile devices. This is 38% more than last year!


The proof is in the pudding, and site data tells us a lot about the service and how you’re engaging with it. As the financial year draws to a close and we reflect on our site performance, we thought we’d share some of the biggest revelations with you… Perhaps some will even surprise you!

  1. To-date, we’ve received a massive 30,082 completed forms;
  2. One of our anaesthetists is a proud record-holder, having received 57 pre-op questionnaires in one month. The average monthly count is 15 per anaesthetist;
  3. On average, patients take 12 minutes and 57 seconds to complete their pre-op questionnaires;
  4. Only 6% of patients choose to save their pre-op form to complete later;
  5. Regarding Patient Experience Surveys, the average anaesthetist receives 3 patient experience surveys per month with the most popular receiving 13 per month;
  6. 53.6% of our visitors log on using mobile devices, 39.3% use desktop PCs, and 7.1% use tablets. Of the mobile users, 71% visit using an iPhone;
  7. Of the desktop / laptop visitors – 68% use Windows and 28% use a Mac;
  8. 49% of visitors have a Telstra internet connection, 14% are with Optus, 8% with TPG, 5% with iinet and only 5% use Vodafone
  9. Some people do love Mondays! In fact, our site is most popular at the beginning of the week, with 18.95% of our visits falling on a Monday;
  10. Our site is most popular between 2pm and 5pm;
  11. 42.9% of our website visitors are male and 57.1% female;
  12. 28% of our website visitors are aged between 35 and 44. Just 6% are aged between 18 and 24, and over 10% are age 65+;
  13. 98% of users have their computers set to English with the next most popular language being Chinese at 1.3%.

We find these facts fascinating, and think they could certainly help our anaesthetists when choosing when to remind patients about their forms.

Privacy is paramount

Our data comes from Google Analytics and monitoring figures from the website. Of course, these tools never record any data entered by your patients. The audience data, which tells us their gender and age, for example, comes purely from Google’s recognition tools and DOTS name validation. Similarly, Google doesn’t give us any personal information. Instead, we receive fascinating statistics reports, enabling us to provide a better service to you and your patients!

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