How Do I Encourage Post-Op / PES Feedback?

Getting feedback from your patients is straight-forward, and requires little effort from you. If you set up standardised prompts for your patients, your feedback gathering will occur automatically.

How many should I receive?

In FY19, the average anaesthetist received 3 patient experience surveys per month with the most popular receiving a staggering 26 in a single month; this popular member said “I tell all patients who’ve completed an online questionnaire that they’ll receive a link to a feedback questionnaire“. So it’s great to mention it to the patient before the operation too, so they expect to see the link, for example, with their bill.

If you’d like more information on the ANZCA CPD process, take a look at our complete guide here:

What method should I use?

There are several ways in which you can encourage your patients to give feedback. Some examples are as follows:

1) Popping a note on their bill

The idea is for this feedback to occur automatically, requiring no effort on your behalf. This is a very low-effort way of encouraging patients to complete the post-op form, as it’s automated. Keep it short and sweet. You could include a note when your billing service issues the patient with their invoice saying something like:

“I hope you’ve had a pleasant experience with your recent surgery and you are recovering well. When you have a moment I would appreciate it if you could please complete my Patient Experience Survey at Kind regards, Dr Your-Name.”

We will provide you with your short link when we set up your account.


2) Mentioning it in your introductory letter

The introductory letter surgeons hand to patients for you could also include a request for post-op feedback. You might say something like this:

“Once you have recovered from your operation, I would appreciate if you could complete my Patient Experience Survey at Your responses will remain anonymous, but will be valuable for improving the way I take care of my patients in the future.”

We supply a template for your introductory letter on sign-up, to save you time. If you’d like a new template, please feel free to contact us.


3) Asking patients on your profile page

You could add a paragraph onto your profile, to let patients know that their cooperation after the surgery would be of use to you. Many patients will visit your profile page after the surgery to read your post-operative instructions (if you provide them or extra pages to download). A simple request there can increase the feedback you receive.


4) Asking patients by email

For example, if you send patients IFC, or a quote email when they have completed the pre-op form, you could mention your post-op form.


5) Mentioning the form before / on the day of / or in the days after surgery

When you chat to the patient before the surgery or even in recovery, you can say how helpful it would be if they could fill in your post-op form or that they will receive a link to it with your bill. Alternatively if you send an email or text message to check on your patients in the days after the list, you could mention the patient experience survey there.


6) Via custom confirmation emails

For Premium Members, we can customise the confirmation email received by your patients, and request them to fill in the post-op form after their surgery.

For example we could add:

“Once you have recovered from your admission to hospital, Dr [YourName] would appreciate you taking just a few minutes to complete [his/her] Patient Experience Survey. Your answers are completely anonymous and will help [him/her] greatly in improving the way [he/she] cares for patients in the future.”


7) Batch contacting past patients

You could get back in touch with past patients, and retrospectively ask them to complete your post-op feedback form. We recommend going through your pre-op questionnaires once a month, and emailing or texting your patients to ask for feedback. Before you delete your patient’s pre-op email, set a reminder to contact them.

Alternatively, you could use an app such as the Boomerang app for Gmail to bring the email back into your inbox at a set time. For example, you could set the app up to do this exactly one week after the operation.Alternatively, you could prepare the feedback request now, and use a ‘send later’ feature in Boomerang or your chosen app.


8) Secretary notifications (Premium Members)

For Premium Plan members, we can create an email notification to be sent to your secretary. This email would serve as a simple prompt, and would need to include no more than the patient’s name, email, and date of surgery. Your secretary can then batch-email your patients on your behalf, as appropriate.


Whichever method you choose, we’re here to help. It’s very straight-forward though, and the simpler you keep the process, the easier it will be to automate, and get that all-important feedback.

If you would like more information on our Patient Experience Surveys, please take a moment to visit our complete article ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Survey – Everything you need to know. Alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the ANZCA website.



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