anaesthetic assessment updates

Online Anaesthetic Assessment Form: Updates

It's that time again where we ask our Standard Plan members for feedback on the anaesthetic assessment form. This round we've updated questions on asthma, OSA, gastric band and My Health Record. Age can auto calculate and we've made anaesthetic problems more prominent +
Anaesthesia Statistics FY19

FY19 Statistics

Ever wondered how many pre-op health questionnaires are received on average per Anaesthetist per month? Or the most popular day to fill in your anaesthetic form is? Site data tells us a lot about our service, who is using it, when and also how. We thought we’d share some of the biggest revelations with you… Perhaps some may even surprise you! +
anaesthetic billing update

Pre-Op Forms – Update: Billing / Payment Option

One of members recently sent us feedback on our anaesthetic billing / payment question: A number of my patients pay for their care as a fixed fee through the surgical practices, they would like to have a selection of “already paid” .. what a great idea! The option has now been added with an extra details box. +
2018 Anaesthetist year in review

2018 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

It seems like only yesterday we were excited to see what 2018 would hold. For 2018 so far we have had 3,718 patients fill in the feedback form at the end of the pre-op form. We love receiving feedback, it’s the most efficient way to be shown what we can do to improve. Their site experience means a great deal to us. And we know it matters to you, too. Here's what they said.. +
Christmas Dates Anaesthetic Group 2018 2019

Christmas Dates

This year, we’ll be taking a short break during the festive season. Our official office closure dates are Friday 21st December 2018 – Monday 14th January 2019. However, the site will still be live and fully functional. We will still be on call, monitoring the site, performing critical updates and providing any assistance you may need. +
anaesthetic conferences 2019

Anaesthesia Conferences in 2019

Anaesthetists love to travel and with so few tax deductions available, travel is a fabulous learning experience .. and expense. To help you plan for next year and the opportunities it will bring, here’s a simple to use list of anaesthetic conferences for 2019. With an anaesthetic conference available in every month and almost every region, it's the perfect time to lock in your leave and get these dates in your diary. We’re quite sure your partner would love to join you on a couple of these trips, too! +