100,000 Pre Op Questionnaires

Over 100,000 Pre Op Questionnaires!

We're all excited over here at Anaesthetic Group... We've reached 100,000 forms – that's a LOT of pre op questionnaires! Thank you to all our amazing members for making this possible ❤️ We know we would not be here without you. +
2021 preoperative assessment form review

2021 Preoperative Form Patient Feedback

"I have never had any Anaesthetist in all the operations I have had, be as thorough in their request for patient information, to enable them to deliver the best care they can... I can have my surgery knowing I am getting the best care." Come read more patient feedback for 2021. +
Preoperative Assessment COVID-19

COVID-19 Preoperative Assessment Updates

The Standard preoperative assessment form has been updated to include COVID-19 screening questions. In addition, we have updated the "Are you feeling well at the moment?" question to include the latest list of COVID symptoms from health.gov.au +
2020 Preoperative Assessment Patient Reviews

2020 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

One silver lining of 2020 is the shift in the public perception of doctors. Thank You for taking on that role, and dealing with that pressure. You’re all very appreciated – but don’t just take my word for it, below are some of the lovely comments patients left after filling in your forms. +
pre op anaesthetic assessment form updates

Online Anaesthetic Assessment Form: Updates

It's that time again where we ask our Standard Plan members for feedback on the anaesthetic assessment form. This round we've updated questions on asthma, OSA, gastric band and My Health Record. Age can auto calculate and we've made anaesthetic problems more prominent +