2022 Pre Anaesthesia Questionnaire Feedback

During the closing days of every year, we summarise the feedback patients have provided after completing their pre anaesthesia questionnaire. It’s always a joy to re-read the comments, and we hope you enjoy reading them too.

Whenever you doubt if pre anaesthetic assessment is worth it, we assure you that it is! Your patients agree as well!

In addition to saving you time, your patients appreciate that you make an effort to communicate with them. They appreciate being able to express their concerns before surgery, at a time convenient for them.

It’s important to us that patients have a good experience on our site. That’s why we ask for feedback after every pre anaesthesia questionnaire submitted. All feedback, whether positive or otherwise, is greatly appreciated. It is also the most efficient means of improving our site.

For 2022 we had a staggering 9,285 patients take the time to complete the feedback form (In 2021 we had 7,997)

The Ratings

  • 97.8% = 9,082 people = Loved the site and found it easy
  • 1.05% = 97 people = Thought the site was just OK or identified things we could improve
  • 1.15% = 106 people = Didn’t like the site

The Trends

  • Of the 9,285 patients that left a rating, 1,761 took time to leave a detailed comment
  • 861 people left the comment that they had no suggestions for improvement
  • 232 people responded the form was ‘easy‘ and 51 responded ‘very easy
  • 92 people responded ‘All good

The Comments

Below are some examples of comments we received in 2022. (All comments are based on the question: “Do you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make the site better?”)

  • Easy to use website and form. Have had 3 anaesthetics before and this is the first time I’ve completed a questionnaire, I think it’s great (I’m a veterinarian who regularly anaesthesises my patients and reviewing patient history is so important to my job too).
  • Very easy to use and it allows lots of free text to be added at the end which makes it an easy process
  • I like the clear nature of the questions. I’m unwell at the moment and I felt the form was easily set out and easy for anyone to do. Well done 👍
  • The site was easy to use and navigate through the questions. Thanks for making it inclusive by allowing us to save and access the form later on, which helped as I became overwhelmed with the information I needed to provide. It was helpful as a busy Mum and also an autistic adult to be able to answer the questions at my pace and in my own time and space; rather than having to process the question and think of the correct answer when put on the spot during an in-person/over-the-phone interview
  • No, very convenient and easy to complete. Thank you
  • Excellent. All good!
  • No. This site was great and very easy to understand and to download. I liked that it could be saved and then finished at a later time, especially if you did not have all the information necessary to complete the form on the first attempt.
  • Great user friendly site
  • The site was well set up with all the appropiate questions
  • The site is really good and I can’t think of any improvements needed.
  • Thank you the questionnaire was easy to fill out.
  • Excellent site – no improvement needed. I found it very clear and easy to navigate.
  • I thought the form was straight forward and liked that you could answer “no to any of the above questions”
  • Very easy and uncomplicated process.
  • Pre-operative assessment is a good idea & may save delays
  • Can’t think of any improvements, all straight forward, better than other sites that are around. Especially there seems to be no time limit (cut off point), forthwith able to proceed without being rushed.
  • Site was easy to use and navigate as is, no need for improvements.
  • Awesome idea!
  • Very easy and straightforward to fill in, no improvement suggestions
  • A great use of technology. I’m impressed!
  • I think it’s a great idea. It gave me the ability the complete the form at a convenient time
  • Yes very easy to use!!
  • I am 64 years old and was a little nervous before starting the questionnaire because I’m not that good on my eye pad but found it to be very user friendly. Cheers
  • Very convenient and useful website for online form
  • I think it is a really good idea to complete something like this. Very thorough.
  • Great layout, design & aesthetics. Clear and easy to use. Loads perfectly
  • Thank you for asking all the important questions to keep me ALIVE !!! Take care,
  • I have had multiple anaesthesia procedures, and have NEVER been asked to fill in such a comprehensive questionnaire. I imagine this is good, a sign of thorough pre-preparation. Maybe this approach is the reason that Dr (name removed) has recommended Dr (name removed) so highly & requested that he provide the anaesthesia services for these procedures (2). I hope so!! I am very reassured that the question was asked about what pain relief medications should be avoided after surgery – too often my past history has been ignored.
  • Thank you for your professional assists.
  • The pre-op questionnaire is a very good initiative, and helpful to patients to provide information prior to surgery.
  • A great way to be supported before surgery, thank you.
  • No, it’s really good. I love how someone has actually taken the time to read through the questions and make sure users can understand. Thank you.
  • Too easy!
  • I appreciate the opportunity to provide the feedback. The website was easy to follow especially for someone who is not IT savvy so a BIG thank you for that.
  • site is very straight forward and user friendly
  • Found was able to provide as much information as possible instead of just yes/no answers. Think this kind of questionnaire is a good tool for both anaesthetist and patient
  • I feel it is a very suitable and comprehensive document.
  • Nope. The form was great, especially the examples under some of the questions. This made it clear what information was required.
  • Is fantastic the way it has been formatted
  • Clear and logical thankyou.
  • I found the page was quick and easy to use
  • Thank you that was convenient
  • I appreciate you being As thorough as you can before the procedure. Thank you very much.
  • Nice to have a link that introduced the anaesthetist and a wedsite to read about. Made me feel more comfortable. Thanks
  • “Easy thanks.
  • Liked how there was lots space to type and it wasn’t just all drop down selections :)”
  • I think probably the best medico website so far 🙂
  • I found the form easy to fill out and appreciate that the doctor has all the information at his fingertips before I go to hospital. thank you.
  • Simple to navigate. I have no issues….well done & thank you.
  • Thank you, a great way to deal with patients’ anxiety.
  • Found the questionnaire easy to follow & the instructions to have specific information at the ready, even better..
  • What a fabulous idea!
  • I think this is a fantastic way to fill in information prior to surgery so that the Anaesthetist knows what’s the safest way to proceed
  • I love being able to fill in and save so I can check my sons weight etc. What a great idea 👍
  • I found it pretty concise – thankyou
  • The site and form were easy to use, made sense to the layman, simple language for all to understand. Not sure about improvements, like the idea of speaking to the anaesthetist before the day of operation to clarify anything.
  • Easy and Quick! Best to recommend!
  • No. It was extremely easy and thorough.
  • Simple enough for a non teck person !!
  • Nice system and site – very easy to use – thanks
  • Excellent – it is nice to be asked ahead of time. The text was a nice touch also.
  • Thank you, it gives me reasurance leading up to my procedure
  • Was very easy and I’m terrible at this stuff usually
  • I felt that this form gave me confidence that in depth questions were asked and feel that my anaesthetist and doctors have as much information as they need
  • Thanks for asking for details to make us have a safe journey.
  • It was clear and precise thank you
  • I found the website simple and easy to use. Questions loaded quickly. Questions were easy to understand. Plenty of room allowed if answers required further explanation.
  • It was easy. Clear instructions ang your calendar works well. Some do not.
  • It was easy and gave me confidence that the Anesthetist would be aware of my medical conditions and medicines that I am taking before the procedure.
  • I believe that it is good that you capture these details prior to the surgery day, to ensure the best medication is used by the Anaesthetist. Great idea to allow patients to fill in these forms prior to the surgery day, in their own time and at their convenience. Thanks
  • Form was absolutely fine, straight forward and easy to fill out
  • Very easy and the prompts on many questions made it very clear to answer. Thank you.
  • The form was very well laid out and instructions for completion were clear and simple. Very user friendly.
  • Was very smooth, I filled out on my phone 👍.
  • I appreciate the anathesist calling me a couple of weeks before my operation. I feel safe in his hands.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to supply my medical details prior to my surgery
  • Was much easier to fill in than the Westmead Hospital one! Very user friendly.
  • Everything is short and clear easy to understand
  • One of the most straightforward and easiest medical questionnaires I have ever filled in.
  • Great questionare
  • Very user friendly 🙂
  • It was truly clear and excellent.
  • As an older person with limited computer skills, I must say I found the Portal quite easy to negate but with a little extra time needed than the time mentioned at the start of the questioner. In saying that all was good and thanks again for your support.
  • Thank you for making it seemless.
  • What a great idea!
  • easy to complete and sent out in plenty of time prior to Operation
  • It is such a relief to be filling this form out online rather than on paper on the day.
  • easy to read, simple language and well set out.
  • Very User Friendly and well organised
  • Easy to use and doesn’t time out. Kudos!
  • It was very easy navigation with clear grammar
  • I found the site very easy to use. It was particularly helpful that I could go out and come back in without everything having disappeared!
  • No , I thought it was good to be able to say what is important to me. Thank you.
  • Appreciation of being contacted first before surgery. Personal service putting me first. Thankyou
  • Was very easy to navigate, and I appreciate the option to inform if I wish to speak with the anesthetist in advance of the procedure. I think that is a great option to help put the patients mind at ease.
  • Didnt take long to fill in, easy form to navigate
  • This was a easy online form to complete. Thank!! 🙂
  • An easy process. Thanks so much
  • The website and questionnaire were both very easy to follow and use, thank you
  • Great that firm can be completed using iPone.”
  • No. it is great. Appreciate thorough questions.
  • Very easy to navigate and so convenient to be anle to fill out form on my phone
  • beautiful
  • Thank you, it was easy to complete.
  • I think it was on point and covered all that needs to be covered. It was easy to use. Thank you.
  • love this online form, so easy
  • I liked how you provided examples under your questions, it helped me answer the question. The terms ‘serious’ can be subjective so still filled in further information even though wasn’t sure if my answer was considered ‘serious’.

and one of my favourites..

  • I appreciate the Anaesthetist’s wife who created your group, and all of you who are open to feedback and improving patient care. Thank you.

That last comment made me smile, and is the very reason I created this website. So thank you to all our members. You are all progressive Anaesthetists who are committed to giving your patients the best anaesthetic experience possible – because you care.

Your thoughts?

What do you think? As ever, if you have any ideas on how we can make the site work better for you and your patients, we’d love to hear them. Perhaps there’s something we can change on the form or something we could do that would make your life easier for preoperative assessment?

If there’s anything you think we’re missing, are doing well, or could do better, please do drop us a line. We’d really love to hear from you! Just let me know – How can we help?

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