About Anaesthetic Group

Anaesthetic Group was founded by the wife of an Anaesthetist. With over 15 years’ experience as general manager of an e-commerce and manufacturing business, her true passion lies in automation and efficiency.

The link began with a simple pre-op questionnaire created for her husband in 2012, to improve his practice, and make his processes more efficient. As there was nothing available at the time, he had been sending out paper questionnaires or calling patients to ensure their anaesthetic and informed financial consent details were in order prior to their admission. He found this frustrating – he’d be making calls in the evening after a long work day, or on days he had “off”, that he’d even turn down work or social plans to keep free. Certainly not a happy work/life/wife balance. Plus when he rang, it wasn’t always a convenient time to speak to the patient – many were busy at work themselves or simply didn’t answer the phone, plus of the paper questionnaires many arrived late, lacked details or were illegible. The key goal was to give him more time, and allow him focus on what he does best, and the only thing he gets paid for, anaesthetising.

When other Anaesthetists asked for their own questionnaire, Anaesthetic Group was formed.

Public hospital pre-admission clinics assess and optimise a patient prior to their procedure, Anaesthetic Group aims to ensure that patients in the private hospital setting are similarly screened prior to the day of surgery.