About Anaesthetic Group

Anaesthetic Group was founded in 2013 by an anaesthetist and an e-business manager.

The anaesthetist’s practice is a mix of public and private anaesthesia, and practising in both environments highlights the stark differences between them. The pre-op questionnaire was originally designed for the anaesthetist’s individual use in his own private practice, and it was only upon discovering the phenomenal difference it made to his practice that the decision was made to develop Anaesthetic Group.

Most private group practices simply offer shared secretarial and billing services. Very few offer any sort of pre-operative assessment or active attempts to initiate informed financial consent – aspects of practice that are becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, public hospital pre-admission clinics assess and optimise the patient prior to their procedure.

Anaesthetic Group aims to ensure that patients in the private hospital setting are similarly screened prior to the day of surgery. The primary goals include optimising patient outcomes, eliminating avoidable cancellations, improving efficiency on the day of surgery, and ensuring that informed financial consent is addressed. This can apply to the independent anaesthetist, but also those in existing group practices.

The other co-founder possesses vast experience in web-based logistics, e-commerce, and in optimising efficiency through the development of intelligent systems. The goals in the development of this website consistent with these skills included streamlining information collection with minimal intrusion into the patient’s daily life, maximising the security of any information collected, and ensuring that automated processes were utilised wherever possible.

Anaesthetic Group is designed to become an all-in-one practice management portal for Anaesthetists in private practice. Click here to see subscription plans and pricing.


We welcome any and all feedback on the website and the services offered, including suggestions for improvement.