We help Anaesthetists improve efficiency and optimise patient outcomes with secure online Pre-op Questionnaire and PES forms

If you’ve ever asked yourself..

How can I automate my Pre-Op process?
How can I gain patient rapport and improve my public profile?
How can I have less bad debts (and move to prepayments)?
How can I streamline my Patient Experience Surveys for ANZCA CPD?

If you’ve asked those questions.. then you’re in the RIGHT place!

Anaesthetic Group was built for Anaesthetists just like you

We take the headache of Pre-Op Assessment and Post-Op Feedback away from you by automating the process and allowing you to focus on what you do best – Anaesthetising patients.

We offer a full service. We do all the setup and any changes you require, it’s all part of our service.
We were started by a Sydney Anaesthetist’s wife – we understand you and your needs.
We are 100% Australian made, managed and owned.

Anaesthetic Group has been leading the way forward in pre-operative anaesthetic assessment for over 10 years and with more than 145,000 forms completed. Come join us!

Lana - Anaesthetic Group

Hi, I’m Lana

If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’re looking for assistance in improving your pre and post operative process, which is fantastic – as that’s exactly how Anaesthetic Group can help.

I’ve been focusing on improving Anaesthetist’s efficiency and optimising patient outcomes for over 9 years. I’m not a medic, just married to an Anaesthetist.

If you’ve ever met me, seen me talk at an anaesthetic conference, or read my articles, you’ll know that Anaesthetic Group began purely to help my husband. It started with an idea to make his pre-op assessment process more efficient.

As a productivity, efficiency and automation specialist, and with over 15 years experience running a global e-commerce business, I knew there must be a better solution. Something to make it more convenient for patients, to assist my husband prepare for each busy list.. plus help his work / life / wife balance.

In 2012, after great feedback and when several of his friends asked for their own questionnaire, Anaesthetic Group was created.

I see your struggles every day. I understand your patient’s concerns. I find new ways I can help you, and your colleagues.

I’m really passionate about automation and efficiency. Changing the status quo and finding a better way is what drives me.

So take a look around and check out how we can help (from a complimentary online profile to Pre-Op Questionnaires and Patient Experience Surveys and other things in between).

Feel free to contact me here or connect here. I love feedback and I’m always here to help.