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Why use Anaesthetic Group?

Anaesthetic Group’s founding principle was to ensure that patients are optimally assessed pre-operatively by the anaesthetist. Why? To minimise unnecessary cancellations on the day of surgery for issues that should have been sorted out pre-operatively had the anaesthetists performed an adequate pre-operative assessment.

Unavoidable cancellations may still occur, but any cancellation secondary to poor pre-operative assessment or planning is an inconvenience that any busy surgeon can do without. Our pre-operative health questionnaire allows patient issues to be identified well before the day of surgery.

An added benefit of a thorough pre-op assessment is increased efficiency on the day of surgery. There is minimal new information that can be obtained in the anaesthetic bay when a comprehensive pre-op assessment has occurred before the patient was admitted. This means anaesthetic delays should be minimal.

Sub-Specialty requirements

If your surgical sub-specialty requires Anaesthetists with specific experience in your area or a particular skill-set, we will make every effort to ensure that any anaesthetist organised for your lists is appropriately skilled.

Find a Regular Anaesthetist

Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop to find the right anaesthetist to cover your list. Currently the majority of our anaesthetists are based in the Sydney metropolitan area, although we will make an effort to assist with any requests.

Anaesthetic Group acts as a single point of contact enabling rapid communication to many anaesthetists with the goal being to find you an appropriate anaesthetist as quickly as possible.

Anaesthetic Group is able to help cover operating lists both on an urgent, ad hoc, or regular basis.

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About Our Anaesthetists

All Anaesthetic Group Anaesthetists are independent anaesthetists which take an active interest in ensuring patients have been adequately assessed and optimised prior to the first face-to-face meeting on the day of surgery. This prevents avoidable cancellations from taking place, and improves anaesthetic efficiency on the day.

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Click here to Find an Anaesthetist for a Regular or an Ad Hoc Operating List


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