Patients – Frequently Asked Questions

How does this website work?

Anaesthetic Group is a website which was formed by an Anaesthetist to assist other Anaesthetists in making sure they are adequately prepared to provide you with the safest possible anaesthetic service, whilst also giving you the patient the opportunity to request information regarding the anaesthetic fee.

Anaesthetic Group aims to make the process of providing your information as simple, quick and convenient as possible. Naturally, the security of your information has been an important consideration from the conception of the website.

Most anaesthestists listed on the Anaesthetic Group website make use of the primary feature, which is a patient health questionnaire. As a patient (or guardian of a patient) you are required to complete this health questionnaire before your procedure with the aim of ensuring your Anaesthetist knows about any issues that may affect your anaesthetic, including those that require further information to be obtained from the patient’s other doctors, for example.

This questionnaire also facilitates the Anaesthetist being able to provide a quote or estimate of the anaesthetic fee.

Do I need to complete the Pre-Op Health Questionnaire?

Yes – It is in your best interest to do so.

You are unique. Every person is different and as such may require a different anaesthetic.

It is in your best interest to have your Anaesthetist completely aware of your conditions or of any issues well before your admission, such that potential problems can be avoided through appropriate planning. Completing the pre-op health questionnaire enables the Anaesthetist to prepare special equipment or speak to your other doctors to ensure your procedure is completed in the safest possible fashion.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Anaesthetic Group is committed to providing the highest level of security for your private information.
Our website has a dedicated server using a High-Grade 256 bit SSL Encryption to protect your information. This represents the highest level of security possible. When you complete your Anaesthetist’s Pre-Op Health Questionnaire the information you enter is encrypted in the transmission of this information to Anaesthetic Group. Completed forms are then deleted from Anaesthetic Group’s servers after the information is sent to your Anaesthetist. In addition, no patient information will ever be sold to any third parties by Anaesthetic Group.

Do patients face any charges in accessing and utilising the features of the Anaesthetic Group website?

No. Anaesthetic Group is free for all patients.

Preparing for your anaesthetic

Anaesthetic Group member Anaesthetists may have specific information available for their patients – please check the individual Anaesthetist’s profile page to see if this is the case.

Reputable websites offering general advice that may be of use to patients in their efforts to prepare for their anaesthetic include the following:
Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
All About Anaesthesia
The Australian Society of Anaesthetists

Feedback on your anaesthetic & your Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists welcome feedback on the service they provide to their patients. Most member Anaesthetists will have a post-op feedback form on their profile page. All Anaesthetists have a contact form on their profile page.

Feedback on Anaesthetic Group

Please feel free to visit our website feedback page. This website was purely set up to help Anaesthetists and their patients – we would love to hear your feedback, concerns or recommendations. Please click here to visit the feedback page.

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