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How does Anaesthetic Group help Anaesthetists?
Anaesthetic Group is a public portal available to any Anaesthetist wishing to improve their private practice by ensuring they are efficiently prepared to care for patients before meeting them on the day of surgery. Anaesthetic Group is the pioneer of Anaesthetic online pre-op assessments and is created in consultation with several leading Australian Anaesthetists.

Key Features of Anaesthetic Group for Anaesthetists:

  • Pre-Op health assessment (includes IFC – be efficient and quick on the day of surgery)
  • Patient experience surveys (ANZCA CPD compliant)
  • Profile Page (e.g contact form, build report, mention fees and any FAQs)
  • Personalised email address (e.g [email protected])
  • Short link (e.g
  • Custom domain names (e.g plus emails to match)
  • Document uploads (e.g post op pain relief guides)
  • Affordable (everything is handled for you for one monthly fee)
  • Secure & safe (https forms, Australian monitored servers, Australian staff)
  • Notification of available lists in your area (pick up more work)
  • Intelligent forms (questions expand based on previous answers)
  • Save time (improve efficiency and the need to call patients)
  • Paperless (reduce your confidential paperwork load)
  • Professional web presence (get found online when patients google you)
  • Instant notifications (be prepared for a last minute adhoc list)
  • Customiseable forms (ask your own questions)
  • Responsive (Desktop, iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet friendly)
  • Convenient (patients can complete 24 hours a day)
  • Reduce stress levels as you and the patient are better prepared
  • Quick and simple to set up (no lock in contracts)
  • Group branding available
  • Our Sydney staff handle everything for you for one single monthly fee

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Getting Started

Who can sign up?
To join Anaesthetic Group and sign up for a profile page you must be an Anaesthetist.

How do I sign up?
Click here to see pricing and sign up. Once you enter your profile details you will be taken to a payment page to complete your registration. We will then set up your profile.

Is there a sign up fee?
No – There are no sign up, contract or activation fees.
You only pay your monthly fee.
We accept payment by Mastercard, Visa or Paypal.
You can cancel at any time.

Which plan should I choose?

  • Limited / No Private Work = FREE Plan – example
  • 1–4 Private Lists per month = STANDARD Plan – example
  • 5+ Private Lists per month / 1+ per week = PREMIUM Plan – example

What does Unlimited mean in your pricing table?
Unlimited means there is no limit of the number of completed questionnaires or forms you can receive (unlimited patient submissions).

Can you write my ‘about’ section for me?
Yes. When you sign up you can request we write your about section for you. We can also crop / edit a profile photo for you. Just mention this on sign up.

What does the standard Pre-Op Questionnaire look like?
Click here to see all the questions on the standard Pre-Op Questionnaire or try a demo.

Can I customise my forms?
Yes, Premium Members are entitled to unlimited customisations as we will create you your very own forms. You can advise us of these customisations on sign up or later.
We can change every question if you would like and as many changes as you would like until it is the perfect questionnaire for you! Some members have added different drop-downs based on procedures or surgeon name which then asks different questions. All changes are included free of charge for the life of your premium plan and the options are endless.

Setup & How it Works

What does the Pre-Op Questionnaire look like / how will patients use it / how do I receive it?
The best way to show you is via a demo – Click here to see how the Pre-Op Questionnaire works from a patient perspective and also how you will receive the form as the Anaesthetist.

How long does it take for my registration to be on the site?
Paid Plans are live within 1 business day. Free Plans are live within 3 business days.
We will notify you, and for security reasons we will send you several test messages, once your profile is public.

How will the patient forms be sent to me?
All forms are securely transmitted on our site then emailed instantly to you after a patient completes them. Click here to try a demo.

How do I get started after sign up?
After sign up we will email you help information which explains everything you need to do to get started quickly and efficiently.

How do I encourage patients to use my forms?

  • Pre-Op Questionnaires – on sign up we provide you with a template to give to your surgeons’ rooms or to text / SMS your patients.
  • Post-Op Feedback Forms – we recommend including in your “about me” section a request for feedback post surgery. We will also provide you with a template to give to your billing service to include on your invoices.

Do patients need a special code or to login to fill in my forms?
No. Our website has been set up to ensure it as patient-friendly as possible. Patients only need to search for your name or visit the link you provide them to find your form to fill out. Forms can be completed on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Forms can also be saved and returned to later or completed from another device.

Can patients fill in a form from their iPhone/smartphone or iPad/tablet?
Yes. Our site is responsive and designed to be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Patients can also upload photos directly into the form.

What happens to the patient forms after they are submitted?
The patient receives a basic confirmation message advising them the form has been successfully submitted.
A copy of the form and any attachments are sent directly to you.
The patient is also sent a standard email advising them you have received their form.
(We do not send the patient a copy of the form they filled in for security reasons).
The patient data is deleted from our database.

Do I have to login to make changes to my profile?
No. We are a full service company.
Any backend, coding or HTML changes you require we do for you. Your plan comes with unlimited profile changes free of charge.
Security of our site is paramount. As such only our Sydney based staff can administer and login to our site.

Do you have any Anaesthetist / marketing / efficiency tips for me?
Yes – when you join Anaesthetic Group you become part of our community where your success is our priority. We are a team who are constantly researching ways to ‘do things better’.
Anaesthetic Group was original started for an Anaesthetist, just like you, and it has always been our number one aim to make the life of an Anaesthetist easier and better. We have several Anaesthetists and Surgeons in our circle that we research new trends, ideas and they even come to us for ideas to improve their efficiency – all these tips then get passed onto our members. We are an ideas company and forever evolving.

Accounts & Billing

How much does it cost?
Please click here to see our pricing plans.

Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes. Please click here to upgrade your existing plan.

How do I pay?
We accept payment with MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.

Can I cancel or pause my plan at anytime?
Yes. There are no lock-in contracts. We only bill monthly.

What currency is the plan?
The plan cost is in $AUD (Australian Dollars) per month.
It includes 10% GST.
Click here to see pricing.

Can I get a tax invoice?
Yes. All paid plans receive an automatic Australian tax invoice via email for every payment made.

Do you offer any discounts or specials?
Yes – if you refer a friend to our site you receive a 10% credit of their plan every month they are a paid member. Please ask your friend to mention your name in the referral box on sign up.

How do I receive post-op feedback as a report for ANZCA CPD points?
We will automatically send your administrator your Post-Op Feedback summary report after 15 surveys are received. (For ANZCA CPD points there needs to be a minimum of 15 surveys per summary report and you need to meet to discuss the results).
If you would like a summary report sooner just let us know.

What does my personalised email address include?
All our members receive a free personalised email address – e.g when patients email [email protected] the email will be forwarded directly to your own email address.
This email address is ideal to use on business cards or professional letters.

Can I have my own website name like
Yes. A domain name is included free of charge for Premium plan members or for a $250 registration fee for all other members.
We set up and manage everything for you*.
Several of our members have their own domain name that points to their profile page – this is great use on business cards, patient text messages or branding (for example
Your own website name also comes with complimentary emails (e.g [email protected], [email protected] etc) plus a ‘catchall’ account (e.g [email protected]). Just let us know which email addresses you would like and where you would like them to forward too.
* We will continue to renew and maintain the domain at no extra cost whilst you are a paid member of Anaesthetic Group.

Do you offer special packages for an entire group?
Yes. For groups over 5 members we can offer a group membership plan.
Please contact us for more information or pricing.

Can existing group practices utilise the services of Anaesthetic Group, yet retain their own business identity?
Yes – We are also able to offer custom / white label branding (where your group images, text and colours will display or even a specific ‘standard’ questionnaire just for your group). Please contact us for more information or pricing.

How do I join the list of Anaesthetists notified of lists?
You are automatically added to this list when you sign up for a Standard or Premium Plan. We will then contact you when Surgeons ask us to fill their regular and adhoc lists. This is a growing component of our website and a complimentary service we offer.

Security & Other Questions

Can I be sure my and my patient’s data is secure?
Yes. Anaesthetic Group is committed to providing the highest level of security for your and your Patient’s private information.
Anaesthetic Group implements best practices to ensure your patient data is safe. All sensitive information is transmitted over encrypted channels (TLS/SSL) and HTTPS. Our website servers are located in Australia. Also for added security we do not store any patient information on our hosting database or servers.
Only our Sydney / Head Office staff can administer and login to our site. We have built our site from the ground up – there are no external contractors, website designers or users that have access to any of the backend / sensitive areas of our site. Any external contractors we do hire for high level programming, only access a duplicate of our site which has no patient or sensitive data on it.

How do you ensure patient entries are real?
A spam / robot blocker is installed and monitored on our site ensuring all entries are from real users. The patient’s IP address is also recorded and sent with the form to the Anaesthetist. We also have extra security activate when high risk / spam regions try to visit our site.

Is the website actively monitored for problems?
Yes. We have many systems that run every second of every day to ensure our website is up and running and error free.

Why should I use Anaesthetic Group over another provider / versus getting my own site built?

  • Security – the only people with administration access to our website and patient data is our head office Sydney staff. We built the site from the ground up. If you were to use a website design company to design a site they will have access to your patient data and considering most website developers have staff now based offshore, this means you have absolutely no control over who sees your patient data. We take security very seriously
  • Consistent Data Removal – All patient data is consistently and regularly removed from the back-end of our site
  • Affordability – simply pay a single monthly fee and we handle everything for you. There are no set-up fees or extra costs and you can cancel at any time
  • Regular Updates – we are constantly monitoring the security of our site and installing new security releases and updates as they become available. This is a very tedious and time consuming task that takes hours every month
  • Regular Improvements – we are always adding new and better ways we can help anaesthetists. We love feedback so if there is something you would like us to add please let us know
  • Ease of Use – Our staff are experienced coders and you simply leave everything to us. We are a full service company allowing you to focus on what you are good at = anaesthetising

I have an idea, question or feedback?
We love feedback! Our website and forms are regularly updated based on member feedback. Please click here to contact us or simply reply to one of the emails we have sent you.

Patient Feedback

What do patients think about the site?
Over 25,000 forms have been filled in on Anaesthetic Group. Patient feedback has been extremely positive.

In a 2015 survey of 2481 patients who filled in the pre-op form:
95.8% (2378 patients) selected they loved the site as it was and found it very easy to use
3.5% (88 patients) selected the site was OK and had recommendations for improvements

Here are some of the comments patients made:

  • Fantastic questionnaire. Very well thought of and quick to do.
  • I would just like to comment that having undergone three previous surgeries with anaesthetic that I have never had to go through a pre surgery process like this. I found this process a very wonderful change as it gives me an understanding of who my anaesthetist is pre surgery (something I’ve never had) and far more reassurance of my care.
  • Easy to understand and complete the form online.
  • I appreciated having some concern shown for my welfare. When I had the knee surgery the first contact that I had with the anaesthetist was an SMS demanding payment!!!
  • It is a convenient and efficient facility for both patient and anaesthetist.
  • It only took me a few minutes to complete. Very straightforward, no hassles at all
  • No suggestions – it's perfectly fine
  • much more user friendly than hard copy paperwork being sent in the mail
  • It is reassuring to know you have my necessary history prior to administering my anaesthetic.
  • It was easy to use.
  • everything was extremely straight forward. easy to fill out!
  • Great way to do this very quick and easy
  • Brilliant idea of having forms filled in at the patients convenience.
  • I thought the site was extremely straight forward.
  • It is 50 x easier and user friendly than the hospital online form
  • Was nice and easy.
  • Easy great site
  • Easy to use; very straight forward.
  • Good sensible way to gather the info.
  • Easy to use and user freindly…
  • Great idea really easy to use and believe it saves time for both parties and costs great initiative and use of technology well done
  • much easier than filling the form on a clipboard!!
  • A very user friendly form – easy to complete
  • It was very easy. Thank you.
  • It was thorough (which is comforting) and easy to use
  • easy to use, simple to navigate.
  • It's an excellent site – very easy to follow and provides clear options when you need to enter alternative information.
  • Site is clear to understand and user friendly
  • Excellent service
  • Yes i found the site easy. Only suggestion- offer me free chocolate
  • Very concise and quick and easy to complete.
  • Easiest form so far…congratulations.
  • Great form – easy to use.
  • I found it very easy and it covered all the areas.
  • All very intuitive and straight forward -Thank You
  • Was user friendly and less complicated than the hospital form.
  • Great idea, more convenient then having a telephone interview
  • Bravo on a mobile friendly website.
  • I found the site helpful and user friendly.
  • Very useful as a pre-op tool.
  • Great site, if it doesn't annoy me it, must be well designed.
  • No suggestions, questionnaire easy to use. Thank you.
  • Well Done – very efficient – thanks
  • Great Idea.  So easy to use.
  • I think the site was extremely easy to use and asked appropriate questions.
  • Site is very easy to navigate.
  • great website, easy to navigate.
  • I thought that it was very straight forward and easy to understand.
  • Really easy process, what a smart person to think of the idea, well done.
  • It was much easier to use than the hospital form, as it left me room to explain answers. The hospital form was supposed to take 30 mins and instead took more like 1 1/2 hours. It then asked me to sign off on documents and sign away my rights to finish the form, and I couldn't even access the first document I had to agree that I had read. After 1 1/2 hours I had had enough and just signed without reading what I was agreeing to. I will avoid doing it online again.Congratulations – your form had none of these problems.
  • Great idea! Keep using this.
  • Great way to be able to fill in the form
  • Great, simple and easy to follow instructions
  • It is easy to fill  up. So no suggestion required.
  • Everything was easy to follow, thankyou

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