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If you are new to Anaesthetic Group or considering our service, this guide should help you learn more about our platform and features. Below is a round-up of what Anaesthetists ask us the most. We have also included links to dedicated help articles to help you dig a bit deeper.

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Anaesthetic Group anaesthetic online pre-op assessment FAQ

Getting started with Anaesthetic Group

How does Anaesthetic Group help Anaesthetists?

Anaesthetic Group is an Australian web based platform specialising in secure online pre-op questionnaires and PES forms built to help private Anaesthetists improve efficiency and optimise patient outcomes. Anaesthetic Group launched in 2012 in consultation with several Australian Anaesthetists. For over 9 years, and with over 100,000 patient forms completed, Anaesthetic Group has been pioneering the way forward in pre-operative anaesthetic assessment.

Where is Anaesthetic Group based?

Anaesthetic Group is 100% Australian made, managed and owned. Our office is in Sydney Australia. Only our staff (in Sydney Australia) have access to the backend of the site. Our hosting server is also located in Australia.

Who can sign up?

To be eligible to join Anaesthetic Group you must be a registered Anaesthetist. Local and International Anaesthetists are welcome to join our website.

How do I sign up?

Click here to see pricing and sign up. Once you complete your registration, your profile and forms are set up within 1 business day.

Which plan should I choose?

The Premium Plan allows full customisation of forms plus extras including your own domain name ( and pages for patients to download.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. Anaesthetic Group is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments. You pay month-to-month. You can cancel at any time.

Do I need to have any web knowledge to manage my profile and forms?

No. None at all. We offer a full service. We do all the setup and any changes you require, it’s all part of our service.

Can I try a demo of the Pre-Op Questionnaire?

Yes, try a demo here. The demo will show you the questions, and how new questions can appear, based on previous answers. On submit you will see and receive the patient confirmation message, and, as the Anaesthetist, receive a copy of the completed questionnaire.

Do you limit or charge per form received?

No. All plans include unlimited forms. You pay the same monthly total no matter how many patient forms you receive.

Can you help me write my profile?

Yes! We’ve made signing up quick and easy. Select “Default options” and we will set you up using the default profile text and photo. We can then update this for you whenever you are ready. Regardless of your plan, these changes are free of charge, as part of our service.

Can I choose details like my domain name or ANZCA PES feedback provider later?

Yes. All we require on sign up is your name, post nominals, region and email address. Everything else can be provided later.

How long does setup take?

Paid Plans are live within 1 business day. Free Plans are live within 3 business days.

How do I get started after sign up?

When your profile and forms are ready we will email you Setup & FAQ information with everything you need to do to get started quickly and efficiently. For security reasons we will also send you several test messages you will need to confirm.

I run a group – can you help?

Yes! If you are part of a team of Anaesthetists we can help you with your needs. We offer a support service to take on security, forms, updates, and online activity for you. From customised pages and branding to special forms, every group is different and has its own specific needs. Please get in touch for a personalised quote here.

How is Anaesthetic Group different from making my own website?

Anaesthetic Group is a complete service that doesn’t require you to build a site from scratch, host it, code complex forms, constantly monitor it’s security and updates and deal with problems as they arise – plus spend all that time learning and staying up to date on how to do all that! We know many Anaesthetists are tech-savvy, but we also know you are busy and there are better things you’d rather do with your time. We handle everything for you for one affordable monthly fee. Plus, as a full-service platform we handle all amendments for you too. Regardless of your plan, these changes are included free of charge.

It all sounds good, but I don’t know if I need this..

We’ve heard this before from a hesitant member who’s friends had convinced him to join.. and this is what he had to say

I was initially unsure on the value of Anaesthetic Group and how it would integrate within my practice. After seeing my friends use it I decided to gave it a go and I’m glad I did. I have received many benefits from using Anaesthetic Group – I now make fewer calls and save time, patients can actually know about me and my skills before we meet and they have the ability to easily contact me. I think every anaesthetist needs a public profile to let patients know about the anaesthetist who will be looking after them. In addition the website helps to raise our profile as doctors. From a pre op preparation perspective it saves a great deal of time and makes our practice more time efficient. Dr Dev Jayram, Sydney Anaesthetist.” Dr Jayram has been a member of Anaesthetic Group since 2013.

Can you give me examples of benefits of joining?

  • Save Time – reduce and avoid unwanted pre-op phone calls to patients
  • Convenient – patients can complete the questionnaire in their own time, on any device
  • Instant Notifications – great for last minute ad hoc list
  • Reduce Stress – both you and the patient are better prepared before the day of surgery
  • Pre-op Preparation – be efficient and quick on the day of surgery
  • Keep Surgeon’s Happy – eliminate ‘on the day’ surprises and cancellations
  • Unlimited forms – simple plans regardless of whether you do 10 forms or 100 forms
  • Australian made, managed and owned – security is paramount, Australian servers & local staff
  • Tried and tested – over 9 years of forms, and more than 100,000 forms completed so far
  • Patients like it! 98% of 7,837 patients asked in 2021 said they loved the site and found it easy
  • Affordable – pay by credit card or PayPal. Pay only a single monthly cost (no other fees or charges)
  • Intelligent forms – questions change based on previous answers
  • Customisable forms available – Premium members can customise their forms
  • Quick and Simple – easy to sign up, get started within a day
  • Full service – we handle everything for you, all changes are included with your plan
  • No long term contracts – cancel / upgrade or pause for maternity / paternity at any time
  • Professional web presence – get found online when patients Google you
  • Patient rapport – profile page and contact form (even on the Free plan)
  • Professional email address – [email protected] (or for Premium members [email protected])
  • Domain name / short links included – or
  • ANZCA CPD compliant – Patient Experience Surveys and Summaries can be used for ANZCA CPD
  • Document uploads – provide FAQ and post-op pain relief guides for patients to view online
  • Responsive – layouts automatically adjust and adapt to any device screen size
  • Paperless – reduce your confidential paperwork load, easy to destroy
  • Notification of lists in your area – be notified of extra lists available
  • Online Contact Form – for patients to contact you or send you documents later (you can even send yourself a file or email)
  • IFC questions available – optional IFC questions available on the Standard pre-op questionnaire
  • COVID-19 Screening questions available – optional on the Standard pre-op questionnaire
  • COVID-19 / Reduce Pre-Op Clinics – screen patients online
  • Scaleable – group branding and custom styles available
  • Referral discount – receive 10% off your plan every month for each referral
  • We still have our first members!
  • Made for an Anaesthetist like You – created by the wife of an Anaesthetist, with a passion for automation and efficiency, and who understands your needs

Using the Site

How do patients fill in my forms?

All patients need to do is visit your profile page. On your profile page are links to each of your online forms.

Do patients need an access code, or login details?

No. We do everything we can to ensure it’s as easy as possible for patients to access your forms, and we get great feedback.

Can patients fill in a form from their iPhone / smartphone or iPad / tablet?

Absolutely! Our site and forms are accessible and responsive on all devices. In 2020 over 51% of people visited our site from a mobile phone. Patients can even start their form on a smartphone and continue it on a desktop.

Can patients send me files and reports?

Yes. The questionnaire and also your profile contact form allows patients to upload photos/files or they can send them to you later via your contact form. (Tip: You can even use your contact form to send an email or file to yourself from any device / hospital or location)

How do I get patients to visit my profile page?

Patients can use the shortlink / domain name we provide you, search your name in Google or search your name on our home page. On setup we will provide you templates and guides on what to SMS patients and a letter to give to your regular Surgeon’s rooms – read more here. We’re always here to help. If you’re hesitant to text patients, please read this here.

Can I update or change my details or profile?

Yes, at any time. We are a full-service platform, meaning we handle all amendments for you. Regardless of your plan, these changes are included free of charge, as part of our service. Simply reply to one of our emails and we will confirm once the update is made (usually within a few business hours).

What happens to the patient forms after they get submitted?

The patient sees a confirmation message with reference number.
A copy of the form and any files are sent to you.
The patient is sent a confirmation email with reference number.
(We do not send the patient a copy of the form and we do not store completed patient questionnaires, for security reasons).

How do I receive the forms?

By email. All patient questionnaires and forms are securely captured by our site, and immediately transferred to you by email. Read more here on why we feel this is best practice. Click here to try a demo to see how the Pre-Op Questionnaire works from a patient perspective and also how you will receive the form as the Anaesthetist.

Can I try a demo of the Pre-Op Questionnaire?

Yes. Try a demo here. When you use the demo to test the questionnaire, it will show you the normal questions, and how new questions can appear, based on previous answers. You will also see, as the patient, a sample confirmation message, and, as the Anaesthetist, receive a copy of the completed questionnaire.

Is there a page where I can download a previous questionnaire?

No. For reasons of security and confidentiality, all completed questionnaires are sent directly to the Anaesthetist, and then deleted from our website.

What should I do when I receive the Pre-Op Questionnaire?

Every Anaesthetist has their own way of approaching their questionnaires – generally members look through it and tag it using email folders (e.g Surgeon name, To Do, Ready to proceed) then check them when they have time / as needed. You can automate this with filters, snooze, canned responses and even task systems. Read a member’s process and more information here.

Can I change / customise the Pre-Op Questionnaire?

Yes, on the Premium Plan. Standard Plan members can’t as they access a generalised questionnaire that’s used by all Standard Plan members (demo here). However Premium Plan members can completely customise their questionnaires, forms, confirmation messages and even notification emails as they are unique to them. We have unlimited levels of depth to questions available. The options are endless – see examples of Premium Plan members customisations here.

Can you help me with patient payments?

Yes. Whilst we do not collect or distribute patient payments, we can link to an online payment gateway’s page so patients can submit payments online for you (e.g. Stripe). You will then be notified of each payment and receive the funds directly. Please contact us for more information.

Can you help me with ANZCA CPD?

Yes. Patient Experience Surveys, including the ANZCA Summary Report, are available with all plans. They are part of all paid plans or as a once-off fee per report on the “Free” plan. For information on ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys read this here.

How do I encourage Post-Op / PES feedback?

The simplest method to encourage your patients to give feedback is placing a note on your bill – more ideas here.

How do I receive a PES report for ANZCA CPD?

We collate and create your ANZCA Summary Report after 15 surveys. We send this to you and your chosen “Feedback Provider” with a copy of the signed ANZCA form. (For ANZCA CPD you need a minimum of 15 surveys per summary report and you should meet a feedback provider to discuss the results – read more here)

Can I provide extra pages / FAQ / advice for patients?

Yes. You can include information in the about section of your profile or Premium Plan members also have a dedicated Extra Pages section on their profile where we can store your pages for patients. Read more here.

Can I have my own website (

Yes! This is included in all Premium plans or as an added cost on all other plans. Plus matching email addresses (e.g [email protected], [email protected] etc). We continue to renew and maintain your domain name whilst you are a paid member. However, if you do decide to leave us, you can take your domain name with you. Your name is on the registration of the domain name (you own the domain name) – Read more here.

How does my personalised email address work?

A personalised email address is free of charge, and included in all plans – even the Free plan! (Premium members receive [email protected]) We set this up as a forwarder so it automatically gets forwarded to your existing email address (e.g Gmail). Read more here.

Can you customise everything for me?

Absolutely. Premium Plan members can change their forms (questions, confirmations, emails) as often as they like – and it’s all included in your plan cost. See examples here.

How do I hear about Surgeon’s lists / Anaesthetist jobs?

When you sign up you are automatically added to our list. This is a growing component of our website and these callouts are a complimentary service we offer. Read more here.

I have another question about the site or Pre-Op Questionnaire

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form here or by replying to one of our emails. Sometimes the best way to explain things is via a demo – feel free to try a demo pre-op questionnaire here.

Patient Feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service. In 2021 we had an amazing 7,997 patients complete the feedback form at the end of the Pre-Op Questionnaire:

98.0% = 7,837 people = Loved the site and found it easy
0.99% = 79 people = Thought the site was just OK or identified things we could improve
1.01% = 81 people = Didn’t like the site

Here are some of the comments patients made:

  • In my 54 years this is the very FIRST online questionnaire I have ever completed. This is a fantastic idea and makes the pt feel valued and listened to.
  • The site works well. I have never had any Anaesthetist in all the operations I have had, be as thorough in their request for patient information, to enable them to deliver the best care they can. I commend you and your fellow colleagues and I can have my surgery knowing I am getting the best care.
  • A very easy and user friendly website to use.
  • This is a good way to communicate and giving us enough time to answer all relevant questions accurately related to the surgery.
  • Awesome. I was dreading leaving my home to a preanaesthetic clinic so I’m glad I can do it this way in this crazy time. Thank you
  • I appreciated having some concern shown for my welfare. When I had the knee surgery the first contact that I had with the anaesthetist was an SMS demanding payment!!!
  • A Fantastic idea to get patients to fill in at home when they can concentrate and go over all the required details with accuracy.
  • Well written form, this is rare and appreciated.
  • Very good idea to fill out an online form prior to surgery!!! It helps us to remember things we might forget to mention on surgery day due to anxiety.
  • as someone who has issues this was fantastic…. the first time I have had such extensive questions asked.
  • I found this to be a terrific way to lodge all medical information prior to a procedure! Because of work commitments completing questionnaire online was ideal. Easy to understand and complete.
  • I think this is a great idea and the whole process including payment has been very easy. Thank you. I already feel I am in very capable hands.
  • Sensible, modern approach. Saves time and gives anaesthetist important information beforehand.
  • Great system, allows information to be completed at a time that suits busy schedules.
  • I am the mother of ##### and feel very confident in Dr D’Souza after he has made contact well before the day of surgery and now filling out this form to better inform him as his Anaesthetist. I am thoroughly impressed that an Anaesthetist actually makes contact with their patients before their surgery.
  • I thought the online questionnaire was very clearly laid out which made it much simpler to complete than most other online forms I have had to complete in the past, thank you.
  • It was very easy and not too time consuming. The questions were logical and not too invasive, just medically enough to give you a clear picture of my medical history. I’m not technologically savvy or committed to technology, I prefer the old fashioned way to communicating (by phone) but appreciate the simplicity and immediacy of online surveys.
  • read more here

Costs & Charges

How much does it cost?

Please see our pricing and plans here. Our plans are month-to-month.

What currency is the pricing in?

All pricing is in $AUD and includes 10% GST.

How do I pay?

You can pay by Mastercard, Visa, PayPal or American Express. There are no credit card or transaction fees.

How do I change my card details?

Please click here to change your credit card details.

Can I pay yearly?

Yes. Please select the “Other” option on this page and enter the amount you wish to prepay.
The price is the same, but we understand some members may appreciate the option of minimising invoices and accounting for each payment.

Do I receive a tax invoice?

Yes. All paid plans receive an automatic Australian tax invoice via email for every payment made. We are an Australian company and our ABN is on each invoice so you can claim our service (& GST) as an expense. We can even email you a copy of every invoice at the end of the financial year to help you with your accounting.

Is there a sign up or setup fee?

No. There are no sign up, setup, contract or any type of activation fees. You pay nothing but your monthly plan cost, with no charge for joining us, or leaving us.

Can I change or cancel plans?

Yes. Our plans are month-to-month with no long term commitments so you can choose to change or cancel your plan at any time.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. Upgrade your existing plan here.

Do you offer any discounts / referral credits?

Yes. We have a discount available as a reward for telling others about us. With every monthly plan payment your friend pays, you receive 10% of their plan value, as a discount on your own plan. Read more here.

Do you offer special packages for an entire group?

Yes. For groups over 5 members we can offer a group membership plan. For more information and pricing contact us here.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, if you are located in Australia and would like a trial, please sign up for a free trial here.

Do you offer a Maternity / Paternity / a pause feature?

Absolutely. Our plans are month-to-month with no long term commitments so you can pause your plan at any time as your needs change. Simply reply to one of our emails and we will pause your payments.

Security & Privacy

What happens to Pre-Op Questionnaires when submitted?

A copy of the form and any attachments go to you. The patient sees and is sent a confirmation message and reference number.
We do not send the patient a copy of the questionnaire, and we do not store completed patient questionnaires for security reasons.

Is the site and my patient’s data secure?

Yes. The security of our site and patient data is paramount to us. Anaesthetic Group is committed to providing the highest level of security for your and your patient’s private information.

  • All sensitive information is transmitted over encrypted channels (TLS/SSL) and HTTPS
  • Our website servers are in Australia and we meet all requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles for Australian patients
  • We constantly update and improve our website and systems with each new security release
  • We have built our site, ourselves from the ground up
  • There are several security features we use on our site and have tested
    – Only our Sydney office is able to login to the backend of the site
  • No external contractors, website designers or users have access to any of the backend / sensitive areas of our site – so member data and your profile is heavily protected too.
  • Also for added security, we do not store completed patient questionnaires on our database or server – as that’s the safest (the only way) to properly protect patient data.

Is there anything I can do for security?

Yes! 2-step verification on your email for starters. There are many other things too, read more here.

How do you ensure patient entries are real?

A spam / robot blocker monitors the site ensuring all entries are from real users. The patient’s IP address is recorded. We also have extra security automatically get activated when high risk / spam regions try to visit our site.

Is the website monitored for problems?

Yes. We have many systems that run every second of every day to ensure our website is up and running and error free.

Do you regularly update the site?

Yes. We constantly update and improve our website and systems with each new security release

Where can I read your Privacy Policy?

Read our Privacy Policy here.

What can I read your Terms and Conditions?

Read our Terms and Conditions here.

Can you offer HIPAA compliance?

Yes Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance can be made available to US Anaesthetists / Anesthesiologists. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

I have other questions

Your privacy and security of information is paramount to us. Please read our Knowledge Base here, or reach out to us by replying to one of our emails or via our contact form here with any questions you have.

Other things Anaesthetic Group

Do you have any Anaesthetist / marketing / efficiency tips for me?

Yes – when you join Anaesthetic Group you become part of our community where your efficiency is our priority. We are constantly researching ways to ‘do things better’. See some tips here.

Who has access to the backend of Anaesthetic Group?

Only our local (Sydney) staff. We are 100% Australian Made, Managed and Owned.

Can you help with patient billing?

Sorry no. We do not do patient billing / invoicing. However, we are able to help you receive patient payments and also assist your billing service – read more here. As a Premium member you can also have a customised email go to your billing / IFC service as each pre-op questionnaire is submitted – see examples here.

Who started Anaesthetic Group? and Why?

Anaesthetic Group was founded and is run by the wife of a Sydney Anaesthetist. It started with an idea to make her husband’s pre-op assessment process more efficient. As a productivity, efficiency and automation specialist, and with over 15 years experience running a global e-commerce business, she knew there must be a better solution. Something to make it more convenient for patients, to assist her husband prepare for each busy list, plus help his work / life / wife balance. In 2012, after great feedback and when several of his friends asked for their own questionnaire, Anaesthetic Group was created.

I have another question, feedback or a suggestion?

We’d love to hear it! We work hard to provide you with the best service we can. And we really appreciate your contact. Feel free to read through our Knowledge Base here for more information, click here to try a demo, or reach out to us by replying to one of our emails or via our contact form here.