Anaesthetic Group Services

Anaesthetic Group is a one-stop-shop to find the right anaesthetist to cover your list:

  • Easy and quick for your rooms to get cover (just fill in a simple form)
  • Simple for the anaesthetists to be matched to a list (we send out mass broadcasts to anaesthetists and do everything we can to find one to cover your list)
  • Straightforward for your patients to fill in a pre-op questionnaire enabling the anaesthetist to be well prepared for the list resulting in…
  • Faster and smoother patient turnaround times

Currently the majority of our anaesthetists are based in the Sydney, Albury and Brisbane areas, although we will make every possible effort to assist with any requests. Anaesthetic Group acts as a single point of contact enabling rapid communication to many anaesthetists with the goal being to find you an appropriate anaesthetist as quickly and as easily as possible.

Anaesthetic Group is able to help cover operating lists both on an urgent, ad hoc, or regular basis. Click on a link below depending upon the urgency with which you need an anaesthetist:

Click here for Urgent Anaesthetic cover
Click here for Ad Hoc or Regular Anaesthetic cover