How to find Anaesthesia Jobs in Australia

Improve your Anaesthetist profile and find Anaesthesia Jobs in Australia with Anaesthetic Group. A website built for Anaesthetists in private practice.

Anaesthetic Group is an online platform that can notify you of surgeon lists and ad-hoc cover requests from surgeons in your area. For a low monthly fee you can receive all the following:

  • Profile Page
  • Contact Form
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pre-Op Health Questionnaire
  • Unlimited Questionnaires
  • Post-Op Feedback Form
  • Unlimited Feedback Forms
  • Personalised Email Address
  • 5 Extra Pages or Downloads
  • Customisable Questionnaire
  • Customisable Feedback Form
  • Notification of Available Lists
  • Priority Support

How do I get notified of anaesthetic lists in my area?

When our members sign up for a Standard or Premium Plan, they’re automatically added to our list. We’ll then contact you whenever a surgeon asks us to fill their regular and ad-hoc lists. For urgent call-outs, we may contact our Free Plan Anaesthetists, too.

This service is a growing component of our website, and a complimentary service we offer. There are no fees, commissions, or charges for this service, either to you, or the surgeons. It’s completely complimentary.

Do you get many requests?

Although this service is relatively new and not yet highly advertised, we often get requests from surgeons’ rooms, as we appear on Google. In addition, our website service is open 24/7. We have received requests from all across Australia.

Does the list always get filled quickly?

We’ve been able to fill almost every list that we’ve received with over 24 hours’ notice. Most lists get filled within 2 business hours. Please respond to list-related emails as quickly as possible.

What type of requests do you get?

In the past few months, we’ve had everything from general surgery to spinal, and from ophthalmology to plastics. Anaesthesia jobs vary, from regular lists (1 full day per fortnight), to a half day (a single patient one-off list) – and for all over Australia

Who pays for this service?

Nobody. It’s a complimentary added service we offer to our members. It’s just one of the benefits of joining our community.

How does it work?

Our list service works as follows:

  • Surgeons’ rooms fill in our request form, or email us with their requirements
  • Usually within minutes, we send an email to members located near the list
  • Anaesthetists respond to let us know if they are (or aren’t) available for the list
  • We provide rooms with the details of the Anaesthetists available, and a link to their profile page and questionnaire, so they can advise patients
  • We notify Anaesthetists that they’ve received the list, and provide the surgeon’s contact details
  • We also recommend contacting patients via SMS before the day, to encourage them to fill in your pre-op questionnaire. Surgeons’ rooms recognise us as a pre-op service. As such, they expect Anaesthetists supplied to have conducted pre-op assessment before the day of surgery.

Who gets the list?

During list allocation, Premium Plan members are given priority, followed by Standard Plan members. If none are available, the list will be offered to our non-paying members, either on a Free Plan, or on our database. The only exception is when rooms request an Anaesthetist with a special skill, language, or experience.

What if I’m already too busy and don’t want any more notifications?

If you no longer wish to receive notifications of available lists in your area, or you’re in a different area, simply reply to the email, and we’ll be happy to remove you from the list.

How do I sign up to get notified of lists?

To receive notification of our lists or anaesthesia jobs, you can sign up to either our Standard Plan, or Premium Plan here