pre anaesthetic questionnaire disclaimer

Pre-Op Forms – Update: Disclaimer

In order to reinforce to patients that the information they provide will guide the clinical decisions you make, a 'disclaimer' has been added to the anaesthetic questionnaire. This disclaimer has only been applied to Standard pre-op anaesthetic questionnaires. +
ANZCA anaesthetic conference

ANZCA Anaesthetic Conference 2014 – Singapore

Let's face it - Anaesthetists love to travel, so when there's a conference on in a fun location, it's always a great excuse to go. Come see Lana talk at the upcoming ANZCA anaesthetic conference to hear some simple and affordable ways you can be more efficient in your private practice. Hope to see you there! +
pre anaesthetic questionnaire shortlink

New Feature – Doctor website shortlink

A shortlink is a shortened link (e.g We want to make it as easy as possible for you to direct patients to your profile. You can use this shortlink to direct patients to your pre anaesthetic questionnaire or even on your invoices to request patients leave you post op feedback. +