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Adequate pre-op assessment in private practice

The recent article by the Advertiser and the AMA demonstrates how poor pre-op assessment can leave anaesthetists in a difficult position on the day of surgery, with poor patient outcomes possible. Anaesthetic Group is the leading platform for private pre op assessment - we help to ensure you'll always be prepared. +
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Heartbleed is one of the most severe security incidents in recent internet history. Anaesthetic Group is not affected in any +
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This is the simple idea that lead to the creation of Anaesthetic Group. Transcription: Anaesthetic Group was started by an +
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Anaesthetic Group Launches Today

Anaesthetic Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, an online platform aimed at facilitating the work of anaesthetists in private practice with secure anaesthetic questionnaires and post op feedback forms. Made in Australia. Built for Australian Anaesthetists. Preoperative Assessment made easy. +