2018 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

Can you believe it’s almost 2019? It seems like only yesterday we were excited to see what 2018 would hold. Now, it’s almost over and we’ve been looking at how much has changed on our site over the last year. We’ve made some fresh new changes and we’ve had a lot of fun creating some handy and helpful new features.

However we know there’s always something we can improve, streamline or create. That’s why we’re always asking for your feedback. It’s also why we ask your patients for their thoughts, too.

After any patient submits a pre-op form on our site, we ask that they give us feedback on their experience. We love receiving feedback, whether positive or otherwise. It’s the most efficient way to be shown what we can do to improve. Their site experience means a great deal to us. And we know it matters to you, too.

So far for 2018 we have had 3,718 patients complete the feedback form at the end of the Pre-Op Questionnaire:

  • 98.2% = 3,650 people = Loved the site and found it easy
  • 0.9% = 33 people = Thought the site was just OK or identified things we should approve
  • 0.9% = 35 people = Didn’t like the site

2018 Patient Review Anaesthetists

Patient questionnaire feedback comments

  • Great! Last baby / Csection the dr rang me the night before when I was flat out and needed to rest so wasn’t the best time. This way seems SO(!!!) much more of a professional and relaxed approach. I’m already confident in my anaesthetist and less worried! Thank you very much.
  • very impressed. easy to fill out
  • Nope – Pretty easy and uncomplicated – good to see
  • We found that it was easy and quick to complete
  • Excellent innovation!
  • It was easier than paper based
  • Questionnaire is logical and sequential-and works well!
  • Hard to suggest how it may be improved.
  • Pretty good. Not as big a pain the **** as a lot of Government sites
  • No. It was simple to complete. I did it all on my phone.
  • I have never had such a detailed form to complete! I hope I have done a ‘good job’?
  • Thank You for this online programme. It is very reassuring to be able to let one’s Anaesthetist know of previous medical histoary. Thank you I thought the form was easy and comprehensive.
  • Very easy and clear. Wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Simple website, responsive and the survey was nice and short…very helpful!
  • Your site was excellent, usher friendly and very professional
  • Very easy and efficient .Thank you
  • It’s perfect thank you
  • The site was good
  • Great site, happy with everything.
  • The form was very thorough, It gave me reassurance and confidence in the anaesthetist.
  • No. But I liked and used the Save For Later option.
  • No..as an accountant I am used to filling in countless forms….so this was childs play.!!!
  • Very easy online system.
  • Very easy and specific
  • Thank you for taking the time to look at my information before the operation.
  • This was great. First time I’ve had to do it this way. Wish others would do the same. 🙂
  • Great Customer Experience. Well done.
  • Excellent website.
  • Found it self explainatory and easy to follow.
  • Site is easy to use thank you
  • Very clear to understand at a stressful time.
  • I was impressed with the number of questions this should give a complete overview of patients especially those that have to travel and Dr will have all the information prior to surgery
  • really easy great website.
  • The website was incredibly easy to use!
  • Great idea. It’s really nice to know my doctor will be prepared – my last operation a few months ago the ONLY thing I heard from my anaesthetist was a random text message asking for prepayment!
  • I completed this on behalf of my elderly mother and I’m now very relieved the doctor will have her health information before the day when I’ll be stressed and she will probably not be able to remember any medications if he asks. Thank you.
  • Perfect for me
  • Great idea. I like organisation and preparation so this has somewhat eased my fears of going under!
  • I found the webiste fast and easy to use. I cannot think of any immediate improvements.
  • Great idea. I like how I can ask questions which I’d probably forget on the day 🙂
  • One of the easiest to use forms I’ve had to complete
  • So efficient. Love it!
  • Wow. Certainly feel safer with this anaesthetist. Can’t remember any of the others making any sort of effort. Well done.
  • User friendly
  • Good form, very easy to follow:)
  • Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you!
  • Your questions were easy to follow even for me who does have some mental issues as a result of the brain stem stroke.
  • Great idea. So easy to do on my mobile too. Thanks!
  • It was simple and easy to follow. Some times iti is cool to see how far you have progressed with the question as you work though them. Also nice big spaces to write and see you text. 
  • This is the first time I’ve heard from my anaesthetist before my operation day so for someone like me with anxiety I do feel incredibly reassured knowing he will be prepared. Thank you. It was easy to complete.
  • I found this website simple and user friendly. Great work!
  • Excellent idea. Makes the operative process feel more organised thanks
  • Excellent initiative. Well done
  • Great. So much more organised than trying to answer all the questions to the doctor on the day. Really nice to be able to add in my comments and I feel like I’m being heard and not a number. Well done!!
  • Awesome idea
  • Great initiative. Very easy to complete at home at a time convenient to me (whilst my toddler is asleep!)
  • It’s a great idea enabling the anaesthetist to understand the patient’s situation before surgery day.
  • Really easy to complete even for a senior citizen!!!
  • Anesthetist made contact and was great to speak with!
  • Very easy to use as I don’t have access to computer and printer/scanner
  • The site was very accessible and easy to negotiate
  • This is very efficient method, can’t think of how it could be made better, it’s very good
  • All good, easy to understand and use.
  • It was very straight forward and simple to use.


What do you think?

Of course, we’re always keen to receive feedback from our members, too. Perhaps there’s something we could introduce next year that would make your life easier? Or perhaps something isn’t working quite how you’d like it to? The quality of our service is measured only by how much it helps you. If there’s anything you think we could create, improve, or simplify, please let us know!

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