2019 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

As 2019 has well and truly wrapped up, it’s the perfect time to look back at the end of the decade and work out what we could improve on, streamline or create. That’s why we’re always asking for your feedback. It’s also why we ask your patients for their thoughts on your anaesthetic health questionnaire, too. Plus it’s one of my favourite blog posts to write!

If the patients are happy, our anaesthetists are happy. And that’s just how we like it.

Every time a patient completes one of your anaesthetic health questionnaires, they then have the option to leave feedback. For 2019 we had over 5,000 patients complete the feedback form at the end of the questionnaire! (In 2014 we had 400)

The Ratings

  • 97.8% = 5,392 people = Loved the site and found it easy
  • 1.0% = 57 people = Thought the site was just OK or identified things we should approve
  • 1.2% = 64 people = Didn’t like the site

    anaesthetist patient questionnaire feedback

The Trends

  • Of the 5,513 patients that left a rating, 874 took time to leave a detailed comment
  • 436 people left the comment that they had no suggestions for improvement
  • 123 people responded the form was ‘very easy’
  • 92 people responded ‘All good’


The Comments

It’s always insightful to read comments, and we thought you might like to see these too. Here are some examples of feedback we received in 2019. (All comments are based on the question “Do you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make the site better?”)

  • Great and easy form, thanks
  • No the questionnaire was straight forward and easy to understand
  • easy to understand and use, very straight forward
  • The website is user friendly.
  • Very nice formatting
  • A much better idea that talking to you and trying to remember all this information in the pre theatre area when I’m sure I’ll be already anxious! I feel so much more relaxed about this whole procedure. Thank you.
  • It was easy to navigate. Thank you.
  • No. Very user friendly.
  • Not really, it was very logical and user friendly.
  • Great idea. I’ve never had an anaesthetist ask so many professional questions like that. Normally it always feels so rushed on the day. This seems so much better thank you.
  • form runs smoothly.
  • No suggestions, easy to use and the links are very beneficial. Thank you.
  • Very straight forward, no problems doing the questionnaire
  • Very fast to fill out – shortened questions are great & save so much time
  • Excellent way to prepare for the operation…..
  • I am really glad I had the opportunity to fill in this form. I feel as though you will know my circumstances much better when the time comes for the operation. I appreciate that I have been able to take my time answering and thinking clearly about my responses now, rather being flummoxed and anxious trying to answer these important questions on the day of the surgery.
  • First time I’ve ever completed one of these. I think they’re a good idea.
  • I found the system straightforward and easy to use.
  • Such a great initiative. My mental load feels lighter already and I’m really quite happy to get all this info off my chest / know you have it!
  • everything was pretty straight forward, thank you.
  • I find it super useful and more comfortable to have to fill in all the required information before the operation, since the same day it is more complicated to be doing it
  • thanks, appreciate the process being made easy and quick
  • After putting it off for days it was almost a breeze.
  • No, it is easier to navigate than others.
  • No, it was quick and easy to use, thank you.
  • Fabulous to see a doctor so organised! love it!!
  • Nothing to add; pleasant user interface
  • Very comprehensive for the procedure planned.
  • Nope good questions
  • No – easy to understand, easy to complete.
  • Saves both me and my doctor time (I’d imagine) which is fantastic!
  • Very easy to complete on line , well done!
  • No – great idea to gather this information prior to the procedure.
  • Easy to use
  • Great initiative. It always concerns me meeting such an integral doctor on the day, how will they know all my details – and how will I remember to tell them all I need to!
  • No, simple and did not take long.
  • One of the best forms I’ve had to fill in. Very clear and not at all stressful to complete.
  • No it was all easy and very straight forward, and user friendly.
  • Excellent service.
  • Thorough, quick and convenient system.
  • Nil, I think this is very beneficial for working people who are busy!
  • No suggestions – I found it easy, self explanatory and I got through it fairly quickly.
  • great idea and i liked it – very easy
  • No improvement necessary
  • None. Much better than the system used for Healthscope e-admissions.
  • As a blind person there are occasions when navigation of websites, and their questionnaires, is problematic. The website associated with this request for information was easy to navigate. Thanks!
  • first time filling out a survey online pre-op. Found this to be very thorough and useful. thanks
  • No… very easy to complete thank you.
  • It’s excellent and innovative
  • great idea – helped me feel more at ease being able to provide this information before the operation.
  • Nice to be able to do this with plenty of time and not feel rushed and flustered on the day! Great work thanks.
  • No – but think that it is great that patients are able to do this in their own time prior to arriving at the hospital.
  • Found it to be quite clear and straight forward.
  • No. All good.
  • Quick + easy. Great thanks!
  • No I thought it was efficient
  • No, it’s all very straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Not really as I am new to this computer business!
  • This was very simple, straight forward and easy.
  • Simple and straight forward.
  • Questions are short and simple to answer.
  • I found the questionnaire to be very through on my health information
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • It is very easily manoeuvred
  • It’s good and I’m impressed with the thoroughness!
  • very efficient!
  • This has been a great experience. I have loved getting communications from the anaesthetist via text and email and being able to complete all forms etc online.
  • It was good to be able to give a detailed health overview prior to surgery. Having a heart ‘issue’ is concerning and knowing that my anaesthetist has all the facts available and can make enquiries to my specialists on my behalf for the safest and best outcome is good to know.
  • No, it was straightforward and easy to complete.
  • No. Questions were very straight forward
  • I found this process reassuring. It is helpful to know medical staff take time to learn of patients, regardless of whether they will meet them ‘awake’ or in person prior to a procedure. Thank you.
  • Really easy and quick
  • No – though really good idea for summary of health to be known prior to operation.
  • Brilliant!
  • So much easier than travelling into hospital for an extra appointment.
  • Saves so much time for me and worry too. Plus I’m sure it saves much time for you to. Good to see doctors embracing technology !
  • I’ve had many anaesthetics and this is the first time the anaesthetic doctor has made any attempt to hear about me before the day – this is excellent and a great initiative
  • Nope – very user friendly and straightforward
  • No. It was easier than the hospital one.
  • Clear and straightforward
  • Good idea. First time I have been able to provide detailed information to anaesthetist preop.
  • Nice and easy and fast
  • very easy to navigate and instructions were clear.
  • It is very simple and easy to use, an effective and quick communication tool. Thank you so much.
  • Good site which was easy to use
  • No suggestions on simplifying the form. It was easy to follow and understand.
  • I love this…thank you for going online with it!
  • Great site! Stress free.
  • This is a good survey format Thanks Kaye
  • The site is great
  • No, it was actually a pleasure to use. Easy navigation and pertinent questions made it so easy. After recently having to fill out a LOT of online form it shows what a vast difference some are.
  • Excellent use of resources / time
  • purely excellent and a great use of technology, thanks!


Your thoughts?

What do you think? As ever, if you have any ideas on how we can make the site work better for you and your patients, we’d love to hear them. Perhaps there’s something we could do that would make your life easier or an idea of a change to the anaesthetic health questionnaire?

If there’s anything you think we’re missing, are doing well, or could do better, please do drop us a line. We’d really love to hear from you! Just let me know – How can we help?

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