Online Anaesthetic Assessment Form: Updates

There is a more recent update to our Preoperative Assessment form. To see the latest updates, please visit or try our Standard Plan’s Preoperative Assessment Form Demo here.

It’s that time again where we send out emails asking our Standard Plan members for feedback. We ask if there are any changes they would like to our online anaesthetic assessment form. We also ask for their opinion on changes others had. This time, every single idea voted on by our members received a positive response. Try our updated Pre-Op Health Questionnaire Demo here.

We also look to patient feedback. We analysed anything they found annoying or questions that caused confusion.

Standard Pre-Op Health Questionnaire Improvements

1. Add Asthma and OSA options to the lung question
Our original lung question asked for a Yes or No option. If Yes was selected a paragraph box asking for more details would appear. This question has now updated with new options for Asthma and OSA. If Asthma and/or OSA is selected, extra questions relating to each will appear, including asking them to bring their CPAP mask:

Anaesthetic Assessment - OSA Lungs Asthma

2. Split the Smoking / Drinking question.
This was a originally a combined question with a details box for each answer. After member (and patient feedback) we have split this question into two.

Anaesthetic Assessment - Smoking Drinking

3. Add My Health Record question
We had an anaesthetist contact us “The new My Health Record website requires the following details for patients’ summaries to be accessible – surname/date of birth/Medicare number
So we put forward to our members the option of (if Yes to Medicare) then we could ask if the patient had a My Health Record. Then, if Yes is selected again, we could ask for the Medicare number. Members either responded a firm yes to the update or commented they didn’t mind the update. Some members told us they felt the benefit of My Health Record was yet to be proven or they thought most people had opted out.

Anaesthetic Assessment - My Health Record Medicare

4. Remove Age, Calculate from DOB.
Nothing annoys patients more (or so we hear!) than questions they feel are irrelevant. And the Age question came up in their feedback as an unnecessary question. We have now updated the forms code to automatically calculate the age based on the date of birth.

Anaesthetic Assessment - Age DOB

5. Past Anaesthetic Problems Update
Whilst we’ve always had a question asking for past anaesthetic problems, we’ve recently had feedback that members don’t feel patients clearly highlight they have had a problem.
In this update we have overhauled this section. Patients are now specifically asked if they have had a problem. There is a new warning box detailing how important it is they detail their problems. We have also updated the description to include example problems they may have had. But as always, if you have any other ideas on how we can make it better please let us know.

Anaesthetic Assessment - Previous Anaesthesia quesiton

6. Add Gastric Band / Gastric Sleeve to GORD question.
With the rise in gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery, we have added this new option to the GORD question.

Anaesthetic Assessment - Gastric Band Gastric Sleeve

7. Add Stroke to heart question.
This came from personal experience as I met someone that had filled in a questionnaire. They mentioned they weren’t asked if they had ever had a stroke. But it was there under neurological condition.. On questioning them further it came out that they felt a stroke was more a ‘heart’ issue. That’s where they expected to see it, so we’ve added it there too (as well as under neurological condition).

Anaesthetic Assessment - Stroke

We are forever trying to improve the questionnaire to suit all members. Whether that means updating questions or even making answer options more prominent. If you ever find patients miss detailing something in a questionnaire please let us know so we can consider how to improve it for future patients. Improving your efficiency, and positive patient outcomes are what we strive for.

Rather your very own customised Pre-Op Health Questionnaires?

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We offer unlimited levels of depth to questions (responsive based on previous answers). We also allow complex questions, triggers, confirmations and notifications. Customised forms and questionnaires take a lot of time, and require ongoing updates by our team, as such the Premium Plan is a higher cost. However… Premium Plan members receive unlimited changes to their anaesthetic assessment form, and all other forms..  plus they are all included in your flat monthly subscription.

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