How Do I Receive and Access My Pre-Op Questionnaires?

Your patient has completed their pre-op questionnaire and submits it on our website. What next? Your questionnaire is immediately passed onto you. All patient questionnaires and forms are securely captured by our site, and immediately transferred to your email inbox.

On sign-up, you will advise an administrative email address. This is the email address which will receive your completed forms. If you’d like to see a demo of how this works, click here.

What happens after a patient submits their form?

When your patient submits a form on our website, they will see a message, confirming that their form has been securely transmitted. You will then receive a copy of the form, and any attachments.

The patient will also then receive an email, informing them that their anaesthetist has safely been sent their form. In order to protect the confidentiality of the information contained in the form, we don’t send patients a copy. This ensures that even if a patient enters an incorrect email address by accident, their information is not passed on to any third parties.

What do you do with the forms, once I have my copy?

Completed questionnaires and forms are immediately deleted from our website when they have been received by the anaesthetist. We don’t store any copies of completed questionnaires.

Is there a page where I can download a previous questionnaire?

No. For reasons of security and confidentiality, all completed questionnaires are sent directly to the anaesthetist, and then deleted from our website.

Why do you delete patient questionnaires once they are submitted?

We believe deleting patient questionnaires once they are submitted is the best, and safest practice. Security is always our number one concern. We feel data deletion is the best safety defence.

How do you protect patient data?

The security of our site and protection of patient information is paramount to us. Anaesthetic Group is committed to providing the highest level of security for your and your patient’s private information.

  • All sensitive information is transmitted over encrypted channels (TLS/SSL) and HTTPS
  • Our website servers are in Australia and we meet all requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles for Australian patients
  • We constantly backup, update and improve our website and systems with each new security release
  • We have built our site, ourselves from the ground up
  • There are several security features we use on our site, devices and network including multi-factor authentication, security software and other tried and tested tools
  • Only our Sydney office is able to login to the backend of the site – No external contractors, website designers or users have access to any of the backend / sensitive areas of our site – so member data and your profile is heavily protected too
  • Also for added security, and to protect patient data – we do not store completed patient questionnaires on our database or server – as that’s the safest (the only way) to properly protect patient data

On sign-up, we confirm you have received a test email, to assure us that your forms are being sent to the correct email account. We do still, however, strongly recommend you install added security, such as two-step email verification. We feel this is best practice.

As an example…

In Gmail, you can enable added security. This requires you to enter a text message code, sent to your phone, before you can access your email on a new device. We use Gmail as an example as it arguably offers some of the best security available, for a hosted web service.

We also recommend you delete any patient information once the operation is complete, or once the information is no longer required.