Can I Have My Own Website (


You may have considered setting up a personalised website name, or perhaps you’ve seen other anaesthetists who have their own website address. Having your own website address is certainly something we would recommend. Anaesthetic Group members can now have their own website domain name and email addresses to match.

Your domain name will then point to your Anaesthetic Group profile page with your pre-op / post-op forms. We will manage it all for you and your domain name (e.g will always be owned by you. If you choose to leave us, you can move your domain name to your own provider.

Why should I have my own

Having your own website address shows that you are a committed professional. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to your patients’ experience, it also shows confidence in your own expertise.

When patients are looking for a differentiator, a website address is a sure-fire way to ensure you’re taken more seriously. Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail accounts are simply no longer enough when it comes to a credible online presence. These days, many assume that if a company or person is worth our trust and investment, they will have a professional website and matching email address. And the medical profession is no exception.

How much does it cost?

Premium Plan members receive their own custom domain name for free. It’s all part of the Premium service.
Standard members have a once off $170 domain registration fee.

There are no ongoing costs whilst you remain a Premium Plan member of Anaesthetic Group. We will continue to renew and maintain your domain name and email addresses at no extra costs.

We’ll set it up so that your domain name links directly to the profile you’ve already written. As such, there’s no need to write another profile, or take any more photos. All you need to do, is pick your domain name, and we’ll do the rest.

What are some examples?

Your domain name could follow any of the below formats

  • .. or something else that appeals to you

What is included with my website?

  • Diversion of your website domain name to your profile page
  • Custom links (e.g or even can be diverted directly to your Patient Experience Survey)
  • A complimentary catch-all account ([email protected] will be forwarded to you)
  • Custom email addresses forwarded to account(s) of your choosing (e.g [email protected] can be forwarded to you and your billing person)
  • Sender email account (send email from too)
  • We will set up, renew and manage everything for you at no extra cost (provided you remain a paid member of Anaesthetic Group)

How do I request

Let us know in the Premium domain name section on sign up or upgrade. Alternatively feel free to contact us.

Please include some alternatives in case the first domain is already owned by someone else. e.g,,,

What are the benefits?

Once your website is set up, you can add your website to your business cards and marketing, for that added stamp of professionalism. Having your own website shows that you want to share your knowledge and experience, and that you care about your online branding.

What’s more…

Once you’ve picked your website address, you’ll get new email addresses to match. You choose these email addresses, and you’ll be able to send mail, and receive mail within them. You can also redirect mail to relevant individuals, by, for example, directing your billing email address to your billing secretary. You could even establish a [email protected] address, for which all mail can go to your partner and children.

If you choose to redirect mail to specific individuals, you can also elect to receive a copy of the mail yourself. You’ll receive a catch-all account, ensuring [email protected] will reach you.

All of this is set-up, renewed, and managed by us. Most importantly, it’s 100% free to our Premium Plan members. Provided you remain on a paid plan, regardless of the level, your renewals will be included.

Other benefits of using these details e.g and your emails [email protected] include:

  • Owning your name online
  • Permanent address for business cards
  • Use on professional letters, invoices / bills
  • Your email signature
  • On other websites (e.g your surgeon’s website)
  • When signing up to mailing lists
  • and because recipients will take you more seriously – plus if you are trying to impress someone what looks better.. [email protected] or [email protected]

Who will own my domain name

You will! Your domain name will be yours, and yours to keep. Sure, we’ll get you up and running, and manage the site for you. But if ever you decide to leave us, your website will be yours to take with you.

When we buy and set up your domain name we set it up with your name as the Registrant. This means that you will be the owner of it. Only our contact details are used for the management of the domain. Whilst you are a paid member of Anaesthetic Group all renewals and management of the domain is included free of charge.

If you choose to leave us, you can move your domain name to your own provider. Please email us first to advise of the move so we can verify the request has come from you and provide you with the EPP password.

  1. Create an account with any registrar (popular ones are GoDaddy and CrazyDomains)
  2. Go to their transfers page and search for your domain name to request the transfer, you will need your EPP password (sometimes called your Domain authorisation code)
  3. Follow their steps to complete the transfer
  4. You will then have full control of the domain name, associated emails and management

Can I choose a different domain like (no .au)?

Yes you can choose between .com and domain names.

Please contact us if your domain name is different to or .com as we will need to ensure we can purchase this on your behalf.

How do I send emails from my domain name?

Follow the sending email settings (instructions here) but change your email address (Line 6) to your new email address (e.g [email protected])
Leave the SMTP settings and username as per the instructions.

What is the difference between a website and a domain name?

A website is a collection of pages that live on the world wide web. A domain name is the address visitors enter to be taken to a page or website.

The easiest way to explain it is to imagine a letter and a post office. Your domain name e.g is like a PO Box letterbox. This PO Box lives in a post office, e.g our website. The foundations of the post office (the code, maintenance, security, rent etc) is all managed by the post office and not you. However when someone sends you a letter it is directed to your PO Box, e.g your profile page on our website. The only difference is if you decide to leave us, your PO Box / domain name will be yours to take with you and you can move it to another post office.