Pre-Op Forms – Update: Anaesthetic Questionnaire Files Attached

There is a more recent update to our Preoperative Assessment form. To see the latest updates, please visit or try our Standard Plan’s Preoperative Assessment Form Demo here.

When patients filled in your preoperative assessment health questionnaire the uploaded files were previously only sent as a link to download.

We have now changed these anaesthetic questionnaire files to be sent with the questionnaire email.

preoperative assessment

This new feature has been automatically added to all accounts, including customised Premium anaesthetic questionnaires, and is ready to use now.

The change is a security measure, since we do not store completed patient questionnaires or files on our server. Additionally, if you are in the operating room without internet access, this will be useful as the files will be attached to the patient’s questionnaire.

If you have any other preoperative anaesthetic questionnaire improvements you would like, feel free to contact us.

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