QR Codes Available Now

Anaesthetic Group are excited to announce the launch of QR codes for our members. QR codes provide a convenient way for patients to access your profile and forms.

With QR codes, patients can access important information and complete forms more quickly and efficiently. Scanning a QR code is so much easier (and more accurate) than typing an address into a browser!

Several types of QR codes are available, including image-only codes (to direct patients to your profile, FAQs, or forms), and images with text (inviting patients to complete your Patient Experience Survey).

You can then use QR codes on a variety of patient materials, such as welcome letters your surgeon gives out, invoices (to invite patients to fill out your PES form), and any printed materials you provide patients.

QR codes are generated individually for each member and sent via email as a PNG image. Read more about QR codes and how to request them via our help article here.

Anaesthetic Group is always looking for new ways to help its members. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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