New – Free Anaesthetist Doctor Website Name eg.

We’ve been adding some really great features to our plans in the past few months, but there’s one thing we get a lot of requests for: A Free Anaesthetist Doctor Website / Domain Name

All paid Premium plans are now able to request a free website name on sign up. If you’ve already signed up on a Premium plan and would like one please contact us with your 3 preferences.

free anaesthetist doctor website on premium plan

How to choose your Free Doctor Website Name:

  1. Your name – e.g. or
  2. Surname + Anaesthetist – e.g.
  3. Something custom – e.g.
  4. Please keep in mind website names are subject to availability (e.g is already registered to someone and can not be acquired).

Websites available:

  1. Australia –
  2. Worldwide – .com
  3. New Zealand –
  4. Or your specific country – just let us know your 3 website name preferences

What do you get with your Free Doctor Website Name:

  1. Hosting of your domain
  2. Up to 5 email forwarders for your domain e.g [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc
  3. We can even set you up with a ‘catchall’ account where whatever email sent to your domain is sent to you (eg [email protected]).
  4. Forwarding of your domain name to your Premium profile page

Any Conditions?

There is only one free domain name per paid Premium plan. The desired domain name must be available for registration. We recommend requesting 3 website names in order of preference.

There are no extra monthly or yearly fees. You can also make changes to the emails associated with the domain whenever you like.

We are a full service platform so we set up and manage everything for you. However if you do decide to leave us, you can take your domain name with you. Your name is on the registration of the domain name.

A personal domain name / website is great for you to use on your branding – business cards and professional letters.

Let us know what you think – Your feedback drives our improvements and we always love to hear from you.

To receive your free anaesthetist doctor website now, sign up here now or if you already have a paid premium plan contact us with your 3 website preferences.


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