2017 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

patient questionnaire feedback 2017

Patient questionnaire feedback is important to us. With 2018 fast approaching, it feels like the perfect time to look back on what we’ve achieved together over the last year.

So far for 2017 we have had 3,519 patients complete the feedback form at the end of the Pre-Op Questionnaire:

  • 98.3% = 3,458 people = Loved the site and found it easy
  • 1.4% = 49 people = Thought the site was just OK or identified things we should approve
  • 0.3% = 12 people = Didn’t like the site

patient questionnaire feedback

As you know, we’re always listening to our members, and looking for ways in which we can improve our service for you. Therefore, every time a patient completes one of your questionnaires, they then have the option to leave feedback. We ask them if there is anything we can do to improve the site. We’ve gathered some of these comments together, for you to take a look at:

Patient questionnaire feedback comments:

  • No… as someone who has “issues” this was fantastic…. the first time I have had such extensive questions asked.
  • Very easy and simple system, it has made me feel confident that Dr D’Souza has enough information to provide me with the appropriate care during this surgery.
  • Site was clear to understand and easy to use.
  • No Even for an eighty year old it is pretty simple
  • Awesome. I’d love it if I had to do this for every pre op than a written form
  • Not off the top of my head – easy to use and great way to provide required information in advance without having to fill out forms at the hospital etc – nice work!
  • Site was great and easy to use – better than hardcopy forms.
  • This is the first time I have had to do this, it was very easy.
  • Straight forward and to the point with ample room to provide any further information if required….like it…thumbs up.
  • No felt it went well.. considering I am not comfortable with online technology.
  • I found the process very easy
  • Excellent, user friendly site
  • no , was very easy πŸ™‚
  • Very easy and straight forward,I had no trouble.
  • It is an excellent easy to use site.
  • This was wonderful. Very easy to use.
  • An excellent site!
  • No suggestions. It is indeed very easy to use and allows for exchange of valuable information to be easily recorded. πŸ™‚
  • Seems straightforward and easy to use.
  • Sensible, modern approach. Saves time and gives anaesthetist important information beforehand.
  • Don’t mess with it.. It works, the best I have ever had to use. Well done.
  • Easy to complete
  • Suits me as is, I had no concerns answering the questionair.
  • Best method to answer questionairre!
  • No I found the site very good
  • I found this process very easy & convenient. I wish only everything was this easy,
  • no – questions comprehensive and easy to follow
  • This website is great! Very helpful.
  • Easy to do and no need to post or take back the filled in forms personally to your office. Saves time and costs. Thank you.
  • Found it quite accessible and self explanatory
  • Site was very well designed and user friendly.
  • The site works well and is easy to navigate
  • it was pretty simple, thanks
  • It was simple to follow and to the point. Exactly as it should be I think.
  • Efficient entry form
  • Even, me, who is not good with computers, had no trouble completing this.
  • It’s very good. No suggestions for improvement.
  • Its a great initiative.
  • I think it is excellent site – very easy work with – well done.
  • Excellent. Very user friendly.
  • Extremely easy to follow
  • No, the site is very easy to understand, and everything explained very well
  • No, this was very easy and straight forward thank you πŸ™‚
  • Excellent idea.
  • Excellent method of filling out pre op questions and it works well.
  • It seemed easier to use the the hospital one, which is always a bonus!
  • It was easy to use and navigate through. Thumbs up
  • I filled out the form on my desktop computer, which was easy and quick to do.
  • I found it great to work with. Much better than having to fill out forms and return.
  • quick, nice and easy.
  • Found it very easy to complete, Sorry about the medical procedure spelling:)
  • Good user interface.
  • The questionaire was easy to use thank you
  • The site was great
  • I think this is a fantastic tool especially for those patients who do not live in Bunbury (like myself). This type of ‘consultation’ may save me a trip to Bunbury pre-operatively…
  • No – very easy to use. Thank you.
  • No suggestions to offer.
  • No feedback – worked flawlessly
  • I thought the online questionnaire was very clearly laid out which made it much simpler to complete than most other online forms I have had to complete in the past, thank you.
  • I found the site to be straight forward. Thank You.
  • It is an excellent site.
  • I found it reassuring
  • Fantastic idea!
  • Because of work commitments completing questionnaire online was ideal. Easy to understand and complete.
  • Great way to fill in forms. Getting a link via SMS and being able to do on my phone. Awesome!!
  • Really easy to complete, comprehensive. I like the option to request your anaesthetist contact you to discuss the procedure.
  • I really like the question at the end allowing for any concerns to be raised if you felt they were not covered.
  • Great website.
  • No but I appreciate being able to answer online and at home where I have access to all information needed.
  • No, it is very clear and easy to understand.
  • Great easy form
  • No, but perhaps you could share this document with the Hospital as it is more comprehensive than theirs, doesn’t have them trying to read my handwriting and saves duplicated effort.
  • No, I was happy with how easy it was to use.
  • No – really easy to navigate and can do at any time. Great!
  • I much prefer this electronic form as opposed to a paper form. It was very easy to complete.
  • I am impressed by it.
  • It was very easy and not too time consuming. The questions were logical and not too invasive, just medically enough to give you a clear picture of my medical history. I’m not technologically savvy or committed to technology, I prefer the old fashioned way to communicating (by phone) but appreciate the simplicity and immediacy of online surveys.
  • It was simple to use. No changes I can think of at this stage.
  • Thank you for providing this detail questionnaire which is a reassurance of the high standard of care Dr. Gilchrist provides.
  • Excellent site
  • Great idea, wish all my anaesthetist did this!!!
  • No everything seems easy and straight foward for me , thankyou.


Your patient questionnaire ideas

As ever, if you have any ideas on how we can make the site work better for you and your patients, we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to try our patient questionnaire demo click here. Alternatively, if your patients have ever shared any ideas with you or patient questionnaire feedback, please do let us know.