Pre-Op Forms – Update: Quote and Phone Call

There is a more recent update to our Preoperative Assessment form. To see the latest updates, please visit or try our Standard Plan’s Preoperative Assessment Form Demo here.

We understand that our members are busy professionals. We also understand that you probably get 100s of emails, per day. As such, it’s to be expected that you might skim through your inbox, to quickly identify the most important messages or most urgent pre-op forms.

Earlier this year, we added a new feature to our pre-op forms. We added a quick note at the top of the form, asking the patient about their allergies. We included this feature to make it easier for our members to quickly this important information, without having to digest all the patient’s responses first.

We’ve had very positive feedback on this addition, and we’re so pleased that you found it useful.

New Allergies, Quote, Phone Call Pre-Op Feature

Since the addition of this feature, one of our members, Dr Hackman, has recommended that we add a quote and phone call summary at the top, too. By doing so, our members will immediately see on their pre-op form not only whether a patient has any allergies, but also if they would like a quote, and/or a telephone call.

Pre-Op Form Allergies Quote Phone Call

If a patient selects ‘no’ for all three options (allergies, quote, and phone call), the text will appear in black font. For patients who have noted an allergy, the text will be highlighted in red. If they have requested a quote or a phone call, the text will appear in orange. By highlighting the text when it’s relevant, we hope this will make it easier to quickly identify patients who require immediate attention, and those who do not.

Pre-Op Form Allergies Quote Phone Call

How to get your Pre-Op forms set up

We’ve already put this functionality in place on forms for Standard Plan members. You’ll soon see forms dropping into your inbox with this information presented at the top. We hope you find it useful.

Or if you are looking to join us, why not try our Demo Pre-Op Questionnaire here.

For Premium Plan members with customised forms, this feature can be added upon request. Just give us a call, or send us a quick email, and we’ll tweak your forms for you.

What’s more…

As a Premium Plan member, you can amend your pre-op forms in whichever way you like. If there’s anything else you would like to see at the top, or any other text highlighting that you’d find useful, just let us know.

Finally, if you have any ideas on how we can make our pre-op forms work even better for you, please do get in touch.

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