Which Feedback Form Should I Choose?

We have two types of feedback form available to our members. These are the:

  1. Patient Experience Survey (PES)
  2. Post-op Feedback Form

By default, all new members are assigned the Patient Experience Survey, which is our most popular post-op form. Our survey fulfils ANZCA’s requirements for continuing professional development for “Practice Evaluation”. More info here

The ANZCA CPD program has been updated
The new ANZCA CPD program no longer uses points – it operates on an annual cycle, with minimum hourly and activity requirements. To see all the current (May 2024) information on ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys please visit our complete and updated page at https://anaestheticgroup.com.au/anzca-cpd-patient-experience-survey/

Why would I use Patient Experience Surveys?

Using PES, our members can use the feedback they gather to claim ANZCA CPD. This form is anonymous and each entry can not be sent to you. You can only see the summary.

We create you a Patient Experience Survey Summary Report after 15 patient surveys have been completed (we act as your administrator). This summary can then be used as evidence for ANZCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If you would like more information please take a moment to visit our complete article ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Survey – Everything you need to know.

Premium Plan members can customise their forms, but we don’t recommend amending the PES form, as it has been designed in accordance with ANZCA specifications.

Why would I use the Post-Op Feedback Form

The post-op feedback form allows you to receive feedback directly from your patients, and is ideal for ongoing improvement of your practice.

This form asks patients for their name and operation details, and is sent direct to you. As with all other forms, Premium Plan members can customise their post-op feedback form as required.

How do I encourage patients to fill in my feedback forms?

We have created an article based on encouraging patients to fill in your feedback forms – please click here.