How Can I Customise the Pre-Op Questionnaire?

If you’re an Anaesthetist on our Standard Plan, you use our standardised forms and questionnaire templates. If you opt for the Premium Plan, however, you will be able to customise these templates, to suit your specific requirements.

What’s more…

On the Premium Plan, these customised forms are your own, we can make unlimited customisations for you, to ensure the forms fully meet your needs.

Why is form customisation unique to the Premium Plan?

Customised forms and questionnaires take time, and require lengthy ongoing security and maintenance updates by our team. As such, this is a service we reserve for our Premium Anaesthetists. This allows us to dedicate our time to customising forms and questionnaires for our customers who will really benefit from the bespoke products. There isn’t that big a difference in price between the two plans, so this tailor-made service is easily accessible.

What customisations can be made?

Our Premium Plan members can make a whole host of amendments to their forms and questionnaire, to tailor them to their exact requirements. In fact, there’s very little we can’t update for you.

  • You can add or remove questions, according to their relevance
  • You can also create conditional questions, based on the details input by your patient
  • In addition, you can customise confirmation messages sent to your patients, yourself, and your office
  • You can opt to update the form or questionnaire styling. This could be the inclusion or removal of page breaks, or specific text, buttons, and displayed messages
  • You can create special conditional logic triggers

The inclusion of triggers

Premium Plan members have the option of including different questions, or sending different messages or emails, based on the data entered by their patients.

For example: If your patient is aged over 60, we can ask them different questions than we would ask a younger patient or one under 16. Or, if your patient requests a quote for your service, we can forward their contact details to your billing secretary.

Or… If your patient expresses that they don’t have anyone to collect them, you can create a pop up message explaining that they need someone with them, and that the operation can’t go ahead unless they’re able to organise for someone to attend with them. The options are endless.

How many amendments can Premium Plan members make?

For our clients who would benefit significantly from customised forms and questionnaires, we want to make sure they’re really getting the most out of this facility. For this reason, we don’t limit the amount of amendments you can make. That’s right – you receive unlimited changes!

We understand that things change, and that, with time, it can become apparent that new efficiencies could be made. There are endless options for your customisations and so, all changes to your forms and questionnaire will be free for the lifetime of your Premium Plan. Because we manually change the form for you, you can continually tweak it until it’s just right.

For examples of the most popular premium customisations, please visit

Or to see the full 120+ clever changes our members have made, please visit

Why can’t Standard Plan members change their form?

Standard Plan members access a generalised questionnaire that’s used by all Standard Plan members. As such, any amendment made to a form by one Standard Plan user, would affect all users on that plan. The Standard questionnaire is sufficient for most users, who don’t have any specific requirements, and don’t require any special conditional questions.

Non-IFC Questionnaire: The Estimate, Payment Method and Phone Call questions are able to be removed from your Standard Pre-Op Questionnaire. Demo here

We understand some Anaesthetists and groups have already provided IFC to patients and do not want to have to contact them again with an estimate or give them the option of a phone call. If you would like these 3 questions to be hidden from patients, please mention you’d like our new special Standard questionnaire when you register with us, or by email later.
Try a demo here.

For those who would like forms and a questionnaire that offer additional insight, and targeted consultation, we recommend the Premium Plan and customised forms, to capture the right information.