What Do Patients Think?

We know that our members go above and beyond to give their patients the very best care. After all, that’s why they use our service! One of our anaesthetists did recently tell me, however, that they wonder whether their patients appreciate the effort they put into their pre-op assessments.

So, if you ever wonder whether it’s all worth it, we’d like to ensure you that it is! And it’s your patients who say so.

How do we know?

Here’s a short summary of some of the patient feedback we’ve gathered. After any patient submits a form on our site, we politely ask that they give us feedback on their experience and if there is anything we can do to improve the site. Here’s what they said:

    • I appreciated having some concern shown for my welfare. When I had the knee surgery the first contact that I had with the anaesthetist was an SMS demanding payment!!!
    • Having had few experiences of being in hospital, providing information prior to the procedure is very reassuring
    • as someone who has issues this was fantastic…. the first time I have had such extensive questions asked.
    • I’m happy to know you have comprehensive knowledge of my medical circumstances. Thank you.
    • Supplying information to your anaesthetist a few days prior to the morning of procedure is reassuring to the patient. It gives the patient the perception that everything is not left to the last minute and that the anaesthetist has time to properly review the patients medical history.
    • I found this to be a terrific way to lodge all medical information prior to a procedure! Because of work commitments completing questionnaire online was ideal. Easy to understand and complete.
    • The form was very thorough, It gave me reassurance and confidence in the anaesthetist.
    • for people like me who live quite a way away from Brisbane, it works well for
    • All straight forward and easy to complete. Glad that this service is in place to save time later/allow time to find answers to any question that you may be unsure of. Thanks
    • Brilliant idea of having forms filled in at the patients convenience.
    • Easiest form so far…congratulations.
    • Excellent and easy questionnaire to complete prior to surgery
    • Fantastic questionnaire. Very well thought of and quick to do.
    • Fantastic site and easy to fill in information and upload forms.
    • Great idea really easy to use and believe it saves time for both parties and costs great initiative and use of technology well done
    • I prefer to fill out the questions prior to the procedure…I find this website very helpful ..Thankyou
    • I think being able to submit this information prior to being admitted to hospital is excellent.
    • I thought this was great, very comforting/supportive! Have absolutely no compaints, I especially like the FAQ links in the footer.
    • I was very impressed when I received the text to complete online. Very convenient and hassle free. Thanks
    • It is 50 x easier and user friendly than the hospital online form
    • It is a convenient and efficient facility for both patient and anaesthetist.
    • It is reassuring to know you have my necessary history prior to administering my anaesthetic.
    • It was much easier to use than the hospital form, as it left me room to explain answers. The hospital form was supposed to take 30 mins and instead took more like 1 1/2 hours. It then asked me to sign off on documents and sign away my rights to finish the form, and I couldn’t even access the first document I had to agree that I had read. After 1 1/2 hours I had had enough and just signed without reading what I was agreeing to. I will avoid doing it online again.Congratulations – your form had none of these problems.
    • it was one of the easiest and most straight forward forms I have ever had to fill in.
    • It was the best, clearest, fastest form I have ever seen,Thanks
    • It was thorough (which is comforting) and easy to use
    • Much easier than managing paper forms and better for the planet 🙂
    • much more user friendly than hard copy paperwork being sent in the mail
    • It is a good idea to provide this type of form, speeds up your service and prepares you for surgery
    • Lovely that you ask i can still get a call even though the doctor doesn’t need to ask questions. Felt like i was still human in all the automation
    • Thank you for taking the time to look at my information before the operation.
    • Thank You for this online programme. It is very reassuring to be able to let one’s Anaesthetist know of previous medical histoary. Thank you I thought the form was easy and comprehensive.
    • The website is great. It uses plain language that is easy to understand. It is well laid out. The form has explanations when I wasn’t sure what to say. It was quick. It was secure.
    • This is a great way to get the information you require to do you job. I can understand though there may be some people unable to use it but I would think that would be a minority. The questions were easy to read and understand. Great questionnaire.
    • This is the first occasion on which I have had the opportunity to submit a summary of my health & other issues prior to surgery and I appreciate the benefit of attending to this well ahead of surgery time in a relaxed manner. Many thanks.
    • This was great. First time I’ve had to do it this way. Wish others would do the same. 🙂
    • Excellent information asked – makes you feel it is a thorough assessment of your case as a patient
    • Great way to fill in forms. Getting a link via SMS and being able to do on my phone. Awesome!!
    • I found it reassuring
    • I found this process very easy & convenient.
    • I wish only everything was this easy,
    • I really like the question at the end allowing for any concerns to be raised if you felt they were not covered.
    • I think this is a fantastic tool especially for those patients who do not live in Bunbury (like myself). This type of ‘consultation’ may save me a trip to Bunbury pre-operatively…
    • Just a comment – It is an efficient way for patients to provide information and hopefully save time before surgery.
    • No but I appreciate being able to answer online and at home where I have access to all information needed.
      No suggestions.
    • It is indeed very easy to use and allows for exchange of valuable information to be easily recorded. 🙂
    • Really easy to complete, comprehensive. I like the option to request your anaesthetist contact you to discuss the procedure.
    • Sensible, modern approach. Saves time and gives anaesthetist important information beforehand.
    • Thank you for providing this detail questionnaire which is a reassurance of the high standard of care Dr. Gilchrist provides.
    • This online system is a really good idea, much easier and neater than forms to fill out.
    • Very easy and simple system, it has made me feel confident that Dr D’Souza has enough information to provide me with the appropriate care during this surgery.
    • I appreciate the care taken to get our information prior to surgery


Feedback matters

Just as you wonder if your efforts have the desired outcome, so, too, do we. If our service makes a difference to you, we’d love to hear about it. Similarly, we’d love to know how we can improve!

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