2018 Anaesthetist year in review

2018 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

It seems like only yesterday we were excited to see what 2018 would hold. For 2018 so far we have had 3,718 patients fill in the feedback form at the end of the pre-op form. We love receiving feedback, it’s the most efficient way to be shown what we can do to improve. Their site experience means a great deal to us. And we know it matters to you, too. Here's what they said.. +

What Do Patients Think?

We know that our members go above and beyond to give their patients the very best care. After all, that’s why they use our service! One of our anaesthetists did recently tell me, however, that they wonder whether their patients appreciate the effort they put into their pre-op assessments. So, if you ever wonder whether it’s all worth it, we’d like to ensure you that it is! And it’s your patients who say so. +
patient questionnaire feedback 2017

2017 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

Over 3,519 patient questionnaire feedback forms were completed in 2017. Of which 98.3% LOVED the site and thought it was easy to use. "Because of work commitments completing questionnaire online was ideal. Easy to understand and complete." is just one of our many patient questionnaire feedbacks. +
Pre Op Allergy Anaesthetics

Pre-Op Forms – Update: Quote and Phone Call

We understand our Anaesthetists are busy. We also understand that you probably get 100s of emails, per day. As such, it’s to be expected that you might skim through your inbox. Recently one of our Anaesthetists recommended that we add a Quote and Phone Call summary to the Allergies at the top of our pre-op forms. +
pre medical assessment allergies

Pre-Op Forms – Update: Allergies

With the number of emails our members receive per day, it’s understandable that they might skim-read them, to see which ones are most important. What we also know, is that identification of patient allergies is a very important part of the preanaesthetic assessment process. +
2016 Anaesthetist patient comments

2016 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

As 2017 appears over the horizon, it’s an ideal time to check in with feedback on the site. Over 3,188 patient questionnaire feedback forms have been completed so far this year with over 97% loving the site and finding it easy to use. Here are their comments.. +
2015 Anaesthetist patient comments

2015 Patient Questionnaire Feedback Review

We rely heavily on patient and anaesthetist feedback to tell us when we’ve got something right, and to show us what we could improve. So far for 2015 we have had 1,960 patients complete the feedback form at the end of the Pre-Op Questionnaire with 93.9% loving the site. Read their comments here.. +