Will Elderly Patients Use My Form?

Yes, perhaps surprisingly, they will. Although we had reservations on this front when we started, we’ve found that elderly patients use the site well. What’s more, they even comment on how easy it is to use.

In 2012-2013, an ABS study found that 46% of older persons were internet users.

In 2016, we did our own study on our site, and found that over 29% of forms submitted were for patients over 65 years old.

For those patients who don’t have a computer at home, we tend to find they have a carer, child, or grandchild, who helps them to fill in the forms.

We’ve also seen instances of local GPs helping elderly patients, too.

How we help

Our forms are carefully designed to be straight-forward, even for patients who aren’t computer-savvy. Our questions are simple, and text can be enlarged. Our forms are also ideal for patients with limited hearing or speech abilities.

What’s more…

We’ve ensured our forms are suited to patients who speak English as a second language. Patients can take all the time they need. We’ve ensured forms are set up so they can save their progress, and come back to filling in the form later.

Patients have told us they find the forms simple to access, and simple to complete. Keeping things straightforward, we make sure you get the very best cooperation from your patients, helping you to develop and better your care, according to their responses.