Do you have a Referral Program?

Absolutely. We’re continually growing, and we love referrals. We offer an excellent referral offer as we know our greatest strength is you, and our greatest marketing tool, is word of mouth. Of course, it’s only fair that we reward you for telling others about us, and we love to be able to do so.

What’s in it for you?

Referring a friend is well worth it. We make sure of it. You’ll immediately receive a monthly credit, matching 10% of their monthly plan payment.

anaesthetic questionnaire referral discount

If your friend signs up and pays for a $65 monthly plan, you’ll receive a $6.50 discount each month they are a paid member. If you refer 10 friends and you are all on a $65 monthly plan – then your account will be free each month.

The deal is simple:

What’s more…

We also offer discounts for groups of over 5 members. Just get in touch with details of your group, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Further discounts and incentives

For commission, affiliates, or partnerships, please contact us directly with information on your request. Let us know how you imagine an agreement working, and we’ll be very happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

  • Your friend must mention your name in the referral box when they sign up (or within a week of signup)
  • With every monthly plan payment your friend pays, you receive 10% of their plan value, as a discount to your own plan
  • The 10% credit applies every month they make a monthly payment
  • Make sure you get in there first – Your friend can only name one person on their referral
  • As an example, if they sign up and pay for a $65 monthly plan, you’ll receive a $6.50 discount each month.
  • If 10 of your friends joined on the same plan as you, your account would be free each month
  • Your reward can only be redeemed against your current month’s plan cost, and isn’t available as a cash reward
  • No discounts or credits will apply to add-on packages, group / bulk memberships, or those which were already discounted