Ensuring Patient Forms are Completed by Genuine Patients

We make it very easy for your patients to complete your forms, without putting up any barriers or log-in requirements. You might wonder how, then, you can be sure that the patients who complete your forms are bona-fide patients?

Our reassurance to you… We’ve been doing this for many years and, to date, we haven’t had a single report of any spam coming through either the pre-op questionnaire, or the feedback forms.

What’s more…

We carefully monitor all website traffic, and site security. We have a specialised spam and ‘bot’ blocker installed and active on our site. We also log the IP address of all patients, and send this to you, with their form.

Need further reassurance?

Not a problem. We have a verification section set up, that we can easily add to your form, if you’d like.

We deliberately keep the forms accessible, to ensure they are as patient-friendly as possible. If you’re worried that fake submissions will be made, bear in mind that the forms are lengthy and would take a lot of effort to complete, for a non-patient. For example, the pre-op questionnaire contains many questions, including some that must be answered before the patient can progress any further.

If ever you’re concerned that you’ve received a completed form from someone who’s not a genuine patient, or any spam, please forward it straight to us. We can then block the IP, mark the sender as spam through our channels, and investigate for you.