You’ve Registered – What Next?

Once you register on our website, your profile will soon become live.

If you have a paid profile, you can expect it to be active within 1 business day.
For free profiles, this will take no more than 3 business days.

When your profile goes live, we’ll send you a shortlink which takes you straight to your page. All you need to do to get started, is to send the shortlink to your patients. They are then free to view your profile and to access your pre-op and post-op forms.

What do we do?

As soon as you register we will start preparing your profile page and forms:

  1. Your domain name is bought and set up (Premium Plan)
  2. Personalised email addresses configured
  3. Test email sent to your personalised email address – we will ask you to confirm you receive the test
  4. Profile page written, linked and tested
  5. Profile photo resized / adjusted (as needed / requested)
  6. Shortlinks and redirects are set up
  7. Profile page is submitted to Google to help patients find you
  8. Custom questions and form changes are applied (Premium Plan)
  9. Contact form and Pre-Op Questionnaire forms are tested – we will ask you to confirm you receive the test
  10. We will send a FAQ / Setup Guide explaining ways to get started
  11. Post Op / Patient Experience Survey is tested – we will ask your administrator to confirm they receive the test
  12. You are updated on our call-out list to be notified of surgeons needing cover
  13. The invoice for your payment is created and sent directly to you
  14. A summary page of your details are sent to you and you are ready to begin:
    1. Once patients fill in your Pre-Op Questionnaire or Contact Form you will automatically receive a copy
    2. Once patients fill in your Patient Experience Survey your administrator will automatically receive a copy and once you reach 15 Surveys we will send your administrator the report for CPD

What do you need to do?

So, you’ve created your profile, and you’re happy that it gives a good first impression of you as a person, and a specialist. Now, you need to get your profile out there. Ideally, you want both existing, and new, patients to be aware of your profile, and to read more about you.

There are a few ways in which you can notify your patients, and direct them to your new profile page. The easiest way is to provide the surgeon with a letter to give to them. Ensure you include a short personal introduction, and the link to your profile page. We will provide you with a template letter, so you can add your details and provide these to your surgeon colleagues.

Some alternative methods you may consider are:

  • You might ask the surgeon’s office to add your profile link to their website.
  • You could send an SMS message to your patients. This is the easiest option for last minute additions to the operating list. (Read this if you’re hesitant about having patients see your mobile number)
  • You might ask for post-op feedback on the patient’s bill after the procedure.

However you choose to signpost your profile, we’re always here to help. If ever you want to change your profile, just let us know and we’ll see to it.