Anaesthetist Efficiency & Tips

We work with a large number of anaesthetists, and we’ve gathered some very useful insight over the years. When you sign up to our service, you become part of our community. Helping anaesthetists enjoy greater efficiency and success is our number one priority. We make it our business to continually research best practice, so you don’t have to.

Anaesthetic Group was founded by Lana Gilchrist, the wife of an anaesthetist. With over 15 years’ experience as general manager of an e-commerce and manufacturing business, her true passion lies in automation and efficiency.

The link began with a simple pre-op questionnaire Lana created for her husband, to improve his practice, and make his processes more efficient. The key goal was to allow him focus on what he does best, and the only thing he gets paid for, anaesthetising. When other anaesthetists approached Lana for their own questionnaire, Anaesthetic Group was formed.

These days, our community includes anaesthetists, not just in Australia, but the world over. Through communication with anaesthetists and surgeons in our circle, we steer our research into the latest trends, ideas, and ways to improve your efficiency. We then pass on these tips to our members.

We’re always identifying innovative ways to help you, and we will continue evolving, to ensure that our processes become the best they can be.

Click here to read some of our Tips & Tricks. Feel free to reach out to Lana with your feedback, issues and ideas on how we can help you.