I’m Already in a “Group”. How Can You Help Me?

Whether you’re an individual, or a group, we’re here to help. Our service is fully flexible, and set up for groups, too.

How can we help?

We offer a support service to take on security, forms, updates, and online activity for you. This enables existing group office staff to concentrate on all the fundamental activities that can take up so much time. Like billing, for example.

Our service can be tailored to meet your group needs. Whether you’re simply interested in a straight-forward service, whereby we handle your online forms, online presence and security, or a more customised offering, we’re at hand.

We offer custom branding, and even white labelling. This means you can keep your own group images, font, and colour scheme. We’re also able to remodel your pages, hosted by us, so your patients believe they’re on your standalone site, rather than on ours.

What’s more…

You can customise your questionnaires and confirmation messages, to match your branding. If it’s a customised solution you’re interested in, get in touch. We’re very flexible and would be happy to tailor something to meet your specific requirements.


Group Discounts

If you’d simply like to join as a group, without any branding or white-labelling services, the most straightforward option is to adopt our pre-packaged system, with only some minor tweaks.

This option allows you to take advantage of a bulk discount on our plans. This provides you with use of our site at a discounted rate, on account of multiple members joining together:

  • 5 – 9 members = 5% discount on our Standard Plan
  • 10 – 19 members = 10% discount on our Standard Plan
  • 20 – 49 members = 20% discount on our Standard Plan
  • 50+ members = 30% discount on our Standard Plan.

The terms of this deal are as follows:

  • If over 10 members join, your group can receive its own pre-op form, available for each group member to use
  • Your group will receive a central home page, with links to the pages for its individual doctors. Each anaesthetist will still have their own profile page, and pre-op questionnaires will still go directly to each anaesthetist, unless otherwise requested
  • Not all members of your group need to join. However, discounts only apply for paid members. Paused and Free Profile Plans do not count in the member total
  • No further discounts, trials, or referral credits are available
  • The service for all group members is billed to the group on a single monthly invoice, for pre-payment. If members need to be invoiced and pay separately there is a 5% less discount. Ie 20 members each paying separately will be a 15% discount (20% – 5%) off per member.

Can we customise everything?

Yes. When we provide custom branding to our group clients, we can redesign the pages that patients see, to match your existing brand. When a patient visits one of your anaesthetists’ profile pages, or your group’s main page on our website, it will be styled to suit your brand.

We can use your own images, fonts, and colour schemes. We can also redesign pages to fit with your template.
Whilst all pages and forms will still be hosted on our servers, the look and feel of your page will be entirely yours. This allows us to handle all the tricky bits, including backend coding, security, updates, and data collection, storage, and secure data removal.

Our design and set-up service is free of charge to groups of 20 or more paid members. For groups of less than 20 members, a design charge applies.

Domain and email management

What’s more, we can also manage your group internet domain, doctors’ domain names, and also email addresses. In fact, we’re always happy to offer a full service.

We can host everything on our platform, and organise and manage it all for you.

Every group is different, and has its own specific needs, so please do get in touch for a personalised quote.

What constitutes a ‘group’?

A group is comprised of multiple members, joined by a central practice or company.

It can be a typical anaesthetic group practice, or even a billing group practice. If you provide anaesthetic billing service, and would like to offer your members further services of this nature, please drop us a line.

How long does it take to set a group up on the site?

For a simple setup, it should only take around 3 business days for a group and it’s custom pages to be live. For a setup with custom branding, or extensive questionnaire changes and modifications, please up to 2 weeks for us to get everything set up, tested and ready to go. Get a quote here.