New Feature – Doctor website shortlink

Another really great feature we’ve added to our paid plans in the past few weeks is a complimentary Doctor Website shortlink.

doctor website shortlinkA shortlink, short-link or short link is a shortened version of your website address. When you enter your shortlink into your web browser (or click on it), it will take you straight to your page. – eg. the full link —–> shortlink is

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to direct patients to your Anaesthetic Group profile.

This shortlink would be great to use in your text messages, business cards or patient-focused documents.

This feature is now set up to be installed on any new paid plans (Standard and Premium) on sign up – If you already have signed up and would like this feature added please send us an email with your requested shortlink website address (eg.


It is much easier for patients to remember and shorter for you to advise them (e.g in a text message)

Simply ask us (reply to one of our emails or click here) or request it in the registration box on sign up (where we ask you what you’d like your shortlink to be)

You advise this address to patients.

  • You might ask the surgeon’s office to add your shortlink to their website.
  • You could send an SMS message to your patients.
  • You might ask for post-op feedback on the patient’s bill after the procedure and include the shortlink there.

No. However if you would like to change your shortlink we can set it up as a new link (keeping your old one active)

Can I instead have

Yes – please see more information here.

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