Like Us? Tell your friends for a discount – each month

We’d like to offer you a referral discount (every month) for each new member you refer. We’re continually growing, and we love referrals. Did you know more than 30% of our members have come to us purely from hearing about our anaesthetic questionnaire from another member!

We understand the very best advertising for Anaesthetic Group is via word of mouth – current members telling their Anaesthetist friends.

To activate this please just ask your friend to mention your name on sign up.

Referral Discount Offer

10% discount value of your friend’s paid plan (per month) applied to your plan.

anaesthetic questionnaire referral discount

Referral Discount Conditions

  1. Only applies to new paid plans
  2. New members can only elect one referral
  3. Please ask the new member to enter your name in the referral ‘how did you hear about us’ box on sign up
  4. Does not apply to group/bulk discounted memberships

If your friend signs up and pays for a $65 monthly plan, you’ll receive a $6.50 discount each month they are a paid member. If you refer 10 friends and you are all on a $65 monthly plan – then your account will be free each month.

Referral Discount Extras

  1. The 10% is discounted off your plan each month whilst they are a paid member
  2. 10 friends join on the same plan cost as you = Your account is FREE EACH MONTH
  3. If you have a Free plan and have 10 friends sign up to a Standard Plan = you receive an upgrade to the Standard plan
  4. We will amend your recurring payment as soon as your friend signs up and begins their paid plan

We really appreciate your support in being an Anaesthetic Group member and referring a friend is well worth it so please tell anyone you think could use our anaesthetic questionnaires. And if you have any questions regarding the referral discount feel free to contact us.

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