Anaesthetic Group New Website Launches Today

Anaesthetic Group launches new, interactive anaesthetic questionnaire website and online platform for anaesthetists in private practice.

Anaesthetic Group Sydney Anaesthetics

Anaesthetic Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, an online platform aimed at facilitating the work of anaesthetists in private practice.

Through an easy-to-use and secure webpage, Anaesthetic Group assists anaesthetists by helping them obtain all necessary patient information and permissions, prior to medical procedures, in a quick and efficient manner. Patients fill out a web-based anaesthetic pre-op health questionnaire and upload investigation results or letters when needed to help anaesthetists make a thorough assessment prior to surgery. Users can even access the site through smart phones and tablet devices.

“This Anaesthetic Group website is awesome,” says Dr. Carl D’Souza, the first premium plan user and beta tester “I got a call from the Mater Hospital to do three cases for tomorrow. I wouldn’t have been able to call them until tonight, but I got the patient’s mobile numbers and sent them an SMS. Twenty minutes later, and I’ve already got all their pre-op forms back from the website. I’m all sorted and my wife will be happy since I won’t need to be on the phone tonight and we can still go out as planned. This service is worth every cent.”

Since 2012, Anaesthetic Group has supported Anaesthetists, and with the introduction of this, our new website, individual anaesthetists and group practices can now have their own profiles with customisable content and forms.

Free, standard, and premium plans are available at

About Anaesthetic Group
Created in consultation with several leading Australian Anaesthetists, Anaesthetic Group ensures that patients in the private hospital setting are screened in a similar way as those in public hospitals prior to the day of surgery.

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