Do Patients Need an Access Code, or Login Details?

Absolutely not. We do everything we can to ensure it’s as easy as possible for patients to access your site.

All patient’s need to do is visit your profile page.

There’s no need for them to type in any access details. We make sure our site is as user-friendly as possible, and we get great feedback.

It’s important that patients love the site just as much as our anaesthetists, so we will always keep it nice and simple for them.

All forms can be completed from any device
Patient’s who view the Pre-Op questionnaire from their mobile will see a message, like this one, advising them they are also able to complete the form from their desktop or laptop

Completing your forms

There are no barriers stopping patients from completing your form. They’re enabled for all platforms, so they don’t need access to a desktop PC, for you to get that all-important information. Smartphones, tablets, or laptops… they all work.

Patients need only search for your name in Google, or click on the website link you provide for them, and they will be taken straight to your form.

Even if they don’t have enough time to complete the form in one go, they can always save their progress and return to it later, or load it up on a different device. Simple.