How Can I Test The Questionnaire?

You’ve set your profile up and we’ve advised your patient Pre-Op Questionnaire is ready to go. Now, we strongly recommend you test it. This allows you to familiarise yourself with how the patient will see your questionnaire, and ensure everything is working as it should.

This way, you can be assured that your patients find your questionnaire simple to use, and that you will receive the conversions you expect.

If you’re already a member, simply fill in your own questionnaire directly. Navigate to your profile page and click on the Pre-Op Questionnaire button. If you have a spare email address, use it as the patient email address, so you can see how the confirmation email is sent, and received.

New Anaesthetists – Try a Demo

For Anaesthetists that haven’t become a member yet, the best way to test our Standard questionnaire is via the demo. Click here to try a demo.

When you use the demo to test the questionnaire, it will show you the normal questions, and how new questions can appear, based on previous answers. You will also see, as the patient, a sample confirmation message, and, as the anaesthetist, receive a copy of the completed questionnaire.

Using a demo is the best way to see how patients’ questionnaires would arrive to you.