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This is the simple idea that lead to the creation of Anaesthetic Group.

Anaesthetic Group was started by an Australian Anaesthetist and his wife. One day, the Anaesthetist – let’s call him Dr Gasman, was in his study ringing up his patients for his private list. He was asking them the same pre-operational health questions.

Then Dr Gasman got an unhappy patient that couldn’t discuss his health history. Mrs Gasman was working from home that day and thought there must be a better way. So Mrs Gasman (who happens to be have her own businesses) got her team of trusty advisors to create a simple website with a pre-op questionnaire. She then showed Dr Gasman how patients could fill it in for him securely at a time convenient for them.

Dr Gasman soon realised how easy and fabulous the idea was plus his patients loved it! It not only saved him time, but it addressed IFC and alerted him instantly via email when a patient completed a pre-op questionnaire.

Dr Gasman then asked his anaesthetist friends what they thought. And you guessed it – they all wanted their own pre-op questionnaires too! So Mrs Gasman thought again… And that is how Anaesthetic Group started. All the other anaesthetists soon joined and they loved it.

And Mrs Gasman was happy as she got to spend more time with Dr Gasman. Plus the other anaesthetist partners and families were very happy with the time they now save.

Visit now to see how Anaesthetic Group is Pre-op Assessment in Private Practice Made Easy.

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