anzca cpd patient experience survey

ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Survey

Wanting ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys? Need a Patient Feedback Form? Anaesthetic Group has created a new system for ANZCA’s triennial CPD program. Receive the ANZCA CPD patient survey for free on any Standard or Premium Anaesthetic Group plan. Automatically sent + Free reports provided. +
pre anaesthetic questionnaire disclaimer

Pre-Op Forms – Update: Disclaimer

In order to reinforce to patients that the information they provide will guide the clinical decisions you make, a 'disclaimer' has been added to the anaesthetic questionnaire. This disclaimer has only been applied to Standard pre-op anaesthetic questionnaires. +
private pre op assessment

Adequate pre-op assessment in private practice

The recent article by the Advertiser and the AMA demonstrates how poor pre-op assessment can leave anaesthetists in a difficult position on the day of surgery, with poor patient outcomes possible. Anaesthetic Group is the leading platform for private pre op assessment - we help to ensure you'll always be prepared. +