anaesthetic conferences 2019

Anaesthesia Conferences in 2019

Anaesthetists love to travel and with so few tax deductions available, travel is a fabulous learning experience .. and expense. To help you plan for next year and the opportunities it will bring, here’s a simple to use list of anaesthetic conferences for 2019. With an anaesthetic conference available in every month and almost every region, it's the perfect time to lock in your leave and get these dates in your diary. We’re quite sure your partner would love to join you on a couple of these trips, too! +
anaesthetist email address tricks

Email Management – Be an Email Ninja

We understand just how many emails the average anaesthetist will receive in a week and how impossible it can be to manage such an influx of information whilst also trying to manage a patient list. Therefore, we’ve put our heads together and come up with our best advice for email account mastery. +
Good Security Practices for Anaesthetist Doctors

Good Security – Best Practice Tools

Anaesthetists deal with a large amount of patient health data. As such, it’s incredibly important for you to have good security practices. We’ve provided our list of top security practices, in the hope that these may help you in both your professional and personal life. +
private pre op assessment

Adequate pre-op assessment in private practice

The recent article by the Advertiser and the AMA demonstrates how poor pre-op assessment can leave anaesthetists in a difficult position on the day of surgery, with poor patient outcomes possible. Anaesthetic Group is the leading platform for private pre op assessment - we help to ensure you'll always be prepared. +