Dr Yasmin Lennie

VIC - Melbourne Specialist Anaesthetist (Bsc MBBS FANZCA)

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Your surgeon has requested my presence as the anaesthetist for your upcoming procedure. As an Anaesthetist, I am a medical specialist with expertise in acute pain management and all types of anaesthesia, caring for both routine perioperative patients in a wide range of surgical specialities as well as those that are critically unwell. I have also been published in peer-reviewed medical journals in the field.
I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, followed by my formal medical training through Monash University. I received my specialist qualifications in Anaesthesia through the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) after 8 years of post-graduate medical training. I have special interests in Medical education and am an instructor appointed by ANZCA in this role. I also have an interest in regional anaesthesia and perioperative medicine.
Having grown up on a dairy farm in a rural Victoria, equal opportunity healthcare is an important part of my practice. I believe that all patients should receive a high standard of care no matter their background or geographical location. I hold public and private appointments in both metropolitan and rural Victoria.
I enjoy cooking, gardening, music and travelling.

About your Anaesthetic:
Prior to your procedure I will have a discussion with you about the anaesthetic options, risks and post-operative pain management plan. I will formulate a safe plan for anaesthesia, considering your general health, wishes and the specific requirements for the operation. Depending on the circumstances above, this could include:
Sedation: Utilising medications to induce varying levels of sleepiness, relaxation, or a state of calm, also commonly referred to as “Twilight Anaesthesia”.
General Anaesthesia: Commonly referred to as “Full anaesthesia” or “Going off to sleep”.
Regional Anaesthesia: Blocking or “Numbing” a particular nerve or body area, with or without sedation.
Neuraxial Anaesthesia: Blocking or numbing the lower half of the body using a spinal or epidural technique, with or without sedation.

Anaesthetic Fees:
Your anaesthetic fees are calculated in accordance with guidelines from the Australian Medical Association. The fees are determined by the difficulty and duration of the anaesthetic, and any additional procedures performed such as special monitoring.
Your health fund may fully or partially cover this fee, depending on your health fund. In the case of partial coverage, you will be required to pay the difference, this is known as the out-of-pocket cost. Typically, out-of-pocket costs do not exceed $500, except for long or complex procedures, cosmetic surgery, or with certain health funds which do not cover much of the anaesthetic fee.
My fees are lower than those recommended by the Australian Medical Association.
Please direct any billing enquires to my office:
Catherine 0407 197 381
Jodi 0413 705 483
[email protected]

Prior to your operation, a pre-operative questionnaire will be required to be completed from my office. The hospital may also require their own to be completed in addition to this. I would also appreciate if a Patient Experience Feedback survey is completed following your anaesthetic so that I can continue to provide high quality care to my patients.


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Dr Yasmin Lennie

Dr Yasmin Lennie is an Anaesthetist based in VIC - Melbourne Australia.

Patient Experience Survey for Dr Yasmin Lennie


Dr Yasmin Lennie
VIC - Melbourne Anaesthetist

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