Dr Paul Rozental

VIC - Melbourne Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS FANZCA)

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Graduated in Medicine from Melbourne University in 1979
Resident Medical Officer at Royal Melbourne Hospital
Anaesthetic Training in: Westminster Hospital London,
Hadsassah Hospital Jerusalem, & Royal Women's Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Alfred Hospital Melbourne.

Consultant Posts since 1986: Prince Henry's Hospital (including supervisor of training), St. Vincent's Hospital, Austin Hospital, Western Hospital

Formerly Lecturer in College of Anaesthetists course for final exam (anaesthesia for vascular surgery).

Special interests: Anaesthesia for vascular surgery

Currently: Visiting Anaesthetist Western Hospital and Private Practice in many Melbourne Private Hospitals


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Paul Rozental

Dr Paul Rozental is an Anaesthetist based in VIC - Melbourne Australia.

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Dr Paul Rozental
VIC - Melbourne Anaesthetist

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Dr Paul Rozental
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