Dr Muhammad Essop

NSW - Albury Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS FANZCA)


My name is Dr Muhammad Essop and I am a Specialist Anaesthetist who works with your surgeon

What is an Anaesthetist and why do you need one?

Anaesthetists are doctors who have undergone specialist training to look after you before, during, and after your surgery. I am an Australian doctor who has studied for over 14 years to be officially recognised as a consultant in the specialty of Anaesthesia.
My role is to ensure you get through your procedure in safety and comfort. For most surgery this will involve a general anaesthetic, which renders you unconscious throughout the procedure. For some surgical procedures there are significant advantages in using regional techniques (Spinal, Epidural, Nerve Blocks) in addition to or in place of a general anaesthetic. I will remain with you throughout the procedure, monitoring you every moment. After the surgery you will be monitored very closely in the recovery area before being discharged either home or to the ward.

What do you need to do?

You are unique. Every individual is different and your anaesthetic will be tailored especially for you. This is why it is very important for you to provide me with your medical history by completing the pre-operative health questionnaire - there is a link below on this page. Unfortunately, if I do not receive this information beforehand there is a possibility that your surgery may be cancelled. Please submit this information as soon as possible.

What are the risks?

Australia is the safest country in the world to undergo an anaesthetic. Nonetheless, every anaesthetic involves some risk. There are minor complications that do not affect long-term quality of life but can be unpleasant, and there are major complications that occur very rarely but do impact on a patient’s long-term functional capacity and quality of life. More details are available on my FAQ page (see link). I will discuss the relevant risks with you when we talk, and I would encourage you to ask me any specific questions that you may have.

What are the fees?

The fees for your anaesthetic are largely dependent on your surgical procedure and its expected duration of time under my care. There may be an out-of-pocket expense depending on the procedure and your health insurance. For self-funding patients (uninsured) payment of the anaesthetic fee is required before your surgery.

Feedback Welcome

In an effort to improve the service that I provide to future patients, I welcome feedback from my past patients. As such, once you have recovered from your admission to hospital, if you would like to complete my patient experience survey form, that would be appreciated.

I look forward to providing you with a high level of personalised anaesthesia care. Should you require any further information, please follow the links to my FAQs, or feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Dr Muhammad Essop
Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS, FANZCA)

Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Muhammad Essop

Dr Muhammad Essop is an Anaesthetist based in NSW - Albury Australia.


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Muhammad Essop
NSW - Albury Anaesthetist


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