Dr Michael Li

ACT - Canberra Specialist Anaesthetist (BMedSc (Hon) MBBS FANZCA)

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Dr Michael Li is a Specialist Anaesthetist who will be working with your surgeon for your upcoming procedure.

About Dr Li
As an Anaesthetist, Dr Michael Li is a medical specialist who uses expert medical training to keep you safe and comfortable during your operation.

Dr Li is an Australian trained doctor who graduated from the Australian National University. He completed his specialist anaesthetic training with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists working in Wagga and Canberra. He then completed fellowships in Anaesthesia at the Royal Darwin Hospital and Medical Retrieval with Careflight.

His special interests include education and welfare of Anaesthetists. He is passionate about providing the best possible care to his patients and you can be reassured you will be looked after to the highest standards.

What does an Anaesthetist do?
The role of the Anaesthetist is to keep you safe and comfortable before, during and after your surgical procedure. Anaesthesia is a critical component of your surgical journey. All Anaesthetists are trained to a very high standard to ensure safety and vigilance within the operating theatre. As well as the provision of anaesthesia, Anaesthetists are specialists in airway management, IV access, regional anaesthesia, resuscitation and pain management.

Safety and anaesthesia
There is no safer place in the world to undergo anaesthesia than Australia.
There are some common side effects of anaesthesia which include a sore throat, nausea and vomiting and occasionally some bruising from IV cannulation.
More serious complications include dental injury, allergic reactions, aspiration, awareness and heart and lung complications - fortunately these risks are extremely rare, if they are to occur you are in a very safe environment in the operating theatre with a highly skilled team. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask Dr Li.

Preparing for your anaesthetic
To provide you with the safest anaesthetic possible, it is essential to have your full medical and surgical history. In order to assist with this, all patients are requested to complete the Pre-Op Questionnaire.
Fasting before your procedure is critical. You should fast for a minimum of 6 hours and not eat any heavy meals just prior to this. You can sip on clear fluids (water, black tea or coffee and clear/pulp-free juice) up to 2 hours before your procedure.
If you are having day surgery, you will need to arrange for transport home after the procedure as you won't be able to drive and you will need to ensure there is an adult available to stay with you in the same household overnight.

Anaesthesia fees
Anaesthesia fees are charged separately to hospital and surgical fees due to the specialist nature of this service. Depending on the way your procedure is being funded you may be charged an out of pocket payment for anaesthesia which will vary depending on the complexity and duration of your procedure. Dr Li's fees are significantly less than those suggested by the Australian Medical Association but appropriate to cover the expertise which goes into your care. Dr Li uses ProBills Australia for anaesthesia fees, they will contact you before your procedure with either an estimated cost or an invoice.


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Dr Michael Li

Dr Michael Li is an Anaesthetist based in ACT - Canberra Australia.

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Dr Michael Li
ACT - Canberra Anaesthetist

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