Dr Mark Davie

QLD - Brisbane Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS FANZCA)

My name is Dr Mark Davie and I will be your Specialist Anaesthetist for your upcoming surgery.

About me:
I completed my medical degree at the University of Melbourne in 1990 and my specialist anaesthetic training in Queensland in 2007. I am currently a Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Logan Hospital and also work in private practice at Greenslopes Private Hospital where I have an interest in anaesthesia for ENT surgery.

What do you need to do?
Pre-operative assessment is very important for safety. Please complete the Pre-Op Questionnaire so that I understand your medical history, medications and allergies and provide the most appropriate anaesthetic for you. The information provided in your questionnaire will only be viewed by me.

Fasting is important to prevent aspiration where stomach contents can enter the lungs and potentially cause serious respiratory complications. No solid food for 6 hours before your operation. Small amounts of water can be drunk up until 2 hours before your operation. Your medications may be taken with a small sip of water prior to surgery. You may have been asked to cease some medications prior to surgery. Please email me or contact your surgeon if you are unsure.

Risks of Anaesthesia:
Anaesthesia in Australia is very safe, however complications can occur.
Nausea and vomiting are quite common after surgery but can usually be managed with medication. Other complications include sore throat (from the breathing tube), dental damage, lip and tongue injuries, temporary breathing difficulties, asthmatic reactions, headaches, bruising, pain or injury at the site of injections, temporary nerve damage, muscle pain, the possibility of some sensation or awareness during the operation.
Serious but rare complications include allergic reactions, permanent nerve injury, damage to the vocal cords, eye damage, heart attack, stroke, aspiration and pneumonia, seizure, brain damage, kidney or liver failure, death.

What are the fees?
My standard fees are not fully covered by the rebates provided by Medicare and your health fund. This results in a gap payment which you are responsible for. I can email you an estimate of fees.

Please complete the voluntary Patient Experience Survey after your surgery. This will help me to continually improve the way I care for patients.

I look forward to meeting you on the day of surgery.

Kind regards,
Dr Mark Davie

Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Mark Davie

Dr Mark Davie is an Anaesthetist based in QLD - Brisbane Australia.


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Mark Davie
QLD - Brisbane Anaesthetist


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