Dr Garry Gasman

NSW - Sydney Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS FANZCA)

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My name is Dr Garry Gasman and I am a Specialist Anaesthetist.

I will work closely with your surgeon to ensure you receive the best care possible.

I have a Premium Plan. My questionnaire is also customised as I specialise in Paediatrics. The questions I ask are somewhat different to what I would ask an adult. For example, I like to know if a child had any significant medical issues in the first 12 months of life and even if they can swallow tablets on their own. The other benefits of customising the questionnaire include each reference to the anaesthetist referring to me, Dr Gasman, instead - I think this looks more personal. In addition, I wanted a different set of questions for my IFC - customising allowed me to get it looking just the way I wanted.

WIth self-audit being so central in modern CPD requirements, I loved how Anaesthetic Group had patient surveys ready for immediate use in the form of a patient feedback form. I wanted to be able to customise this to ask a few specific questions, and the Premium Plan allowed me to do this.

I can also upload extra pages for my patients to download. If I don't have them ready when I join Anaesthetic Group I can always email them later. I can even customise my questionnaire and feedback forms later too. It's just so easy!

I also receive a complimentary domain name and emails to match - I chose drgasman.com.au to project a more professional image - it was time for my old gmail email address to retire from my business card and communications. Plus [email protected] also adds to my credibility when I call surgeon's rooms for patient details. It's easier for them to verify I am who I say I am.

Here is some text about me. This is where I talk about where I studied, my experience and about my services. I can make it as long or as short as I would like.

I can also include closing message saying something like:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Dr Garry Gasman
[email protected]


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Garry Gasman

Dr Garry Gasman is an Anaesthetist based in NSW - Sydney Australia.

Patient Experience Survey for Dr Garry Gasman

Dr Garry Gasman
NSW - Sydney Anaesthetist

Patient Experience Survey


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