Dr Benn Lancman

VIC - Melbourne Specialist Anaesthetist (MBBS MHumFac FANZCA)

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My name is Benn and I will be your Anaesthetist. My job, as a Specialist Anaesthetist, is to work closely with your surgeon to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your procedure.

I will be responsible for monitoring your breathing and blood pressure for the entire duration of your surgery. I am also responsible for managing your pain, both during and after the surgery.

My special areas of interest include neurosurgery, trauma, bleeding and coagulation, obstetrics and patient safety systems. I am actively involved in teaching and clinical research in these areas.

I currently work at The Alfred Hospital and a variety of private hospitals in the greater Melbourne area.

In addition to completing my medical and anaesthetic training here in Australia, I spent 6 years in the USA at UCSF gaining further specialist experience in the management of complex patients and emergency surgery.

Before your surgery I will ask you to complete a brief online medical questionnaire. This will help me to better prepare to take care of you during your procedure. If I have any follow up questions I may phone to discuss specific issues. Otherwise we can discuss the particulars of your anaesthetic on the day of your procedure.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Benn Lancman

Dr Benn Lancman is an Anaesthetist based in VIC - Melbourne Australia.

Patient Experience Survey for Dr Benn Lancman


Dr Benn Lancman
VIC - Melbourne Anaesthetist

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