Dr Ben Peake

VIC - Melbourne Specialist Anaesthetist (BSc, MBBS (Hons), FANZCA)

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Dr Ben Peake is a Specialist Anaesthetist who will be working with your surgeon for your upcoming procedure.

About Dr Peake
Having spent 16 years training to become an Anaesthetist, I am passionate about providing the best possible care to all my patients.
My educational journey started at the University of Melbourne where I completed a Bachelor of Science followed by a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Honours), and continued to attain Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.
I have worked at many hospitals across Australia including Royal Darwin Hospital, The Alfred Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.
I have an interest in medical education and research, and enjoy working as an Advanced Life Support Instructor at the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre.

What does an Anaesthetist do?
My job is to keep you safe and comfortable before, during and after your surgical procedure, sometimes known as the perioperative period.
I will apply both physiological and pharmacological knowledge to provide you the best possible care. This includes relief from pain, which is at the centre of the practice of anaesthesia.

Safety and Anaesthesia
There is no safer place in the world to undergo anaesthesia than Australia.
The most common side effects of anaesthesia are sore throat, nausea and vomiting.
More serious complications such as allergy, dental or nerve damage, awareness and heart or lung problems are extremely rare.

Preparing for your Anaesthetic
To provide you with the safest anaesthetic possible, it is essential that I have your full medical and surgical history. In order to assist with this, I request that all patients complete the Pre-Op Questionnaire.

Before your procedure you should fast for a minimum of 6 hours.
You can drink clear fluids up to 2 hours before your procedure.
You will need to arrange for a family member or friend to pick you up after your procedure, because it won’t be safe for you to drive for at least 24 hours, as your reflexes take time to get back to normal.

Anaesthesia Fees
Anaesthesia fees are charged separately to hospital and surgical fees. Many procedures will incur a gap (out of pocket) payment for anaesthesia, which will vary depending on the complexity and duration of your procedure.
My anaesthetic fees are significantly less than those suggested by the Australian Medical Association and Australian Society of Anaesthetists.
ProBills Australia is the billing company I use for anaesthesia fees. They will contact you after your procedure with an invoice.

All Feedback Welcome
After your procedure I would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out the Patient Experience Survey. Your answers are completely anonymous and will help me in improving future patient care.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of your anaesthetic or if you have any questions during the perioperative period, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Dr Ben Peake
Specialist Anaesthetist


Anaesthetist Doctor

Dr Ben Peake

Dr Ben Peake is an Anaesthetist based in VIC - Melbourne Australia.

Patient Experience Survey for Dr Ben Peake


Dr Ben Peake
VIC - Melbourne Anaesthetist

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