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Automated, online and instant pre-operative health questionnaires that your patients can complete at a time that is convenient for them.

We work hard to improve your efficiency, optimise your patient outcomes, eliminate avoidable cancellations and ensure that you receive informed financial consent.

Easy to get started. Simple to use. Patient’s love it.

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Informed Financial Consent IFC anaesthetist doctor 1

I don’t like any surprises when I chat to my patients on the day of surgery and the last thing I want to do is cancel a patient on the day of surgery for a reason that, in reality, I should have sorted out before their admission. Before Anaesthetic Group I spent approximately 10 hours every week calling patients to ensure their anaesthetic and informed financial consent details were in order.
Since switching to Anaesthetic Group, the amount of my private time that needs to be devoted to the task of calling patients has plummeted by over 90%. I have also been able to take on more private work as I know I don’t need to devote one day a week to calling patients.”

Dr Callum Gilchrist - Sydney Anaesthetist


There are no sign up costs or extra charges to pay – We don’t believe in lock-in contracts and we bill one monthly fee ($59 for the Standard or $125 for the Premium).

Pricing is in $AUD and includes GST. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Paypal. Sign up now.

Your profile, pages, emails and forms are created and active within 1 business day.

We set up your own shortlink (or domain name), customise your questionnaire (Premium plans) and send you several test emails (we need you to confirm). Plus we’ll also include help information which explains everything you need to do to get started quickly.

We provide a template to give surgeons rooms and a sample SMS message for last minute patients / ad-hoc lists.

Our website has been set up to ensure it is as patient-friendly as possible. Patients only need to search for your name or visit your shortlink to find your form.

Forms can be completed on their smartphone, tablet or computer. The site is fully responsive, and optimised for mobile and tablet use. Try a Demo Pre-Op Form here.

Pre-Op Health Forms can also be saved by patients and returned to later or completed from another device.

When your patient submits a form on our website, they will see a message, confirming that their form has been securely transmitted.

You will then receive a copy of the form, and any attachments. 

Features & Benefits

Improve Efficiency

Reduce your need for pre-op calls. Our instant, automated and online pre-op forms save you time and provide instant notifications once complete

Keep Lists

Optimise patient outcomes, creating efficiency on the day of surgery, avoiding list cancellations, addressing IFC and keeping surgeons happy

Easy & Simple

Simply choose a plan, enter your payment information and let us handle the rest. Our service is fully managed. Templates also available to help you get started


Questions adjust for each patient based on previous answers. Unlimited depth, customisation and triggers available


e.g. and matching emails offering an invaluable level of professional branding. All set up and handled for you


We bill one low monthly fee to make it as simple as possible for you to change, cancel or pause your plan at any time


Your patients will Google you. Be in control of what they see with an SEO-optimised profile allowing patient communication


ANZCA CPD-compliant Patient Experience Surveys & Summary Reports. It’s never been easier to claim your hard-earned CPD points


Regardless of your plan, any changes you need are included free of charge and our service is fully managed for you


Prepare the patient for the expected fee preoperatively, reducing bad debts and enabling prepayments

Paperless & Convenient

Questionnaires are immediately emailed to you. Be prepared for an ad-hoc list the next morning or a regular list weeks in advance


In 2017, a survey of 3,519 patients found 98.3% loved the questionnaire and found it easy. Available 24/7. Any device. Simple


Members receive unlimited completed questionnaires for one low monthly fee


Create your own FAQ page or allow patients to download your post op info


Forms can be adjusted to each anaesthetist and, as such, cater to your needs


Safe, secure, tried and tested and 100% Australian. Encrypted channels and HTTPS. Constantly updated. No patient questionnaires or identifiable patient medical data are saved on our hosting server


Custom branding for professional groups. Our service is fully flexible. We offer a support service to take on custom branding, security, forms, updates for you so you can focus on other tasks


Anaesthetic Group is the first and pioneer of online pre-op assessment for Anaesthetists. We are always improving our service. It’s simple to sign up, easy to use and includes all the support you’ll need

Online forms since 2012
98 %
Patients love the site (in 2020)
completed forms so far

What you receive

Anaesthetic Group - Pre-Op Health Questionnaire form

Online Pre-Op

Anaesthetic Group - Doctor profile page free website

Profile Page &
Contact Form

Anaesthetic Group - ANZCA CPD PES Forms

ANZCA CPD Patient Experience Surveys

Anaesthetic Group - Free Doctor Email Address

Email Address

Anaesthetic Group - Anaesthetist upload extra post op pages

Extra Pages
(FAQ, Post Op Advice)

Your Own Domain Name

Anaesthetic Group - anaesthetist jobs australia

of Lists

Anaesthetic Group - customised health questionnaire


Anaesthetic Group - anaesthetist support

Support Included
No Extra Charges

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We work hard to improve your efficiency, optimise your patient outcomes, eliminate avoidable cancellations and ensure that you receive informed financial consent

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Anaesthetic Group different from making my own website?

Anaesthetic Group is a complete service that doesn’t require you to build a site from scratch, host it, code forms, constantly monitor it’s security and updates. We handle everything for you for one low monthly fee.

Plus, we are a full-service platform, meaning we handle all amendments for you too. Regardless of your plan, these changes are included free of charge.

Are there setup or transaction fees?

No. There are no signup, credit card or other transaction fees with any of our plans.

Can I change or cancel plans?

Yes. Our plans are month-to-month with no long term commitments so you can choose to change or pause your plan at any time as your needs change.

Do you limit or charge based on the number of forms?

No. All plans include unlimited forms. There is no limit to the number of completed questionnaires or forms you receive.

Can I have my own domain name?

Absolutely. Premium Plan members receive their own custom domain name (e.g for free. It’s all part of the Premium service and offers an invaluable level of professional branding.

However if you do decide to leave us, you can take your domain name with you. Your name is on the registration of the domain name.

Which plan do you recommend I choose?

  • 1–4 Private Lists per month = Standard Plan.
  • 5+ Private Lists per month / 1+ per week = Premium Plan.

The Premium Plan allows full customisation of forms, your own domain name ( and extra pages for patients to download.

What about security?

The security of our site is paramount, both for us, and for our members. All sensitive information is transmitted over encrypted channels (TLS/SSL) and HTTPS. Our website servers are located in Australia and we are constantly updating and improving our website and systems with each new security release.

Also, no patient questionnaires or identifiable patient medical data are saved on our hosting server. All completed pre-op health questionnaires are securely captured, then sent directly to the specified anaesthetist.

Do Patients Need an Access Code, or Login Details?

No. All patient’s need to do is visit your profile page. There’s no need for them to type in any access details. We make sure our site is as user-friendly as possible, and we get great feedback. Try a Demo of the Pre-Op Form here.

Can you help me write my profile and edit my photo?

Yes. Getting started is quick and easy. When you sign up if you don’t have the time or inspiration to write a unique profile, we’ll use our default about me section for you. We can also crop / edit a profile photo for you or we can load a default photo. We are here to help you every step of the way.

What currency? How do I pay?

All pricing is in $AUD and includes 10% GST. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and Amex (no surcharge).  A tax invoice is sent with each monthly payment.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for groups of over 5 members. We also have a referral 10% monthly discount available as a reward for telling others about us.

I have another question, idea or feedback

We’d love to hear from you – feel free to contact us with any concerns you have.

What our Anaesthetists Say

Dr Muhammad Essop

Albury / Wodonga Anaesthetist

“At first I thought the concept of Anaesthetic Group was so simple – a web presence and an online health questionnaire. Very quickly I appreciated many more benefits. I’ve received more responses to my online questionnaires than paper versions. I have an avenue for collecting patient feedback. I can easily access all information at any time via my iPad and have reduced my paper load in storing and destroying confidential paperwork. Anaesthetic Group makes the entire pre-operative assessment process more efficient by reducing/avoiding unwanted phone calls, and more convenient for patients as they can complete the questionnaire in their own time. Contacting patients on the phone can be difficult in working hours as everyone is working, and this negates the need for bothering people after work at home. I recommend Anaesthetic Group to any anaesthetist who does any work at all in the private sector.”

“This Anaesthetic Group website is awesome. It makes my life that much easier. I got a call from the Mater Hospital to do three cases for tomorrow. I wouldn’t have been able to call them until tonight, but I got the patient’s mobile numbers and sent them an SMS. Twenty minutes later, and I’ve already got all their pre-op forms back from the website. I’m all sorted and my wife will be happy since I won’t need to be on the phone tonight and we can still go out as planned. This service is worth every cent. “

Informed Financial Consent IFC anaesthetist doctor 2

Dr Carl D’Souza​

Sydney Anaesthetist

Dr Dev Jayram

Sydney Anaesthetist

“I was initially unsure on the value of Anaesthetic Group and how it would integrate within my practice. After seeing my friends use it I decided to gave it a go and I’m glad I did. I have received many benefits from using Anaesthetic Group – I now make fewer calls and save time, patients can actually know about me and my skills before we meet and they have the ability to easily contact me. I think every anaesthetist needs a public profile to let patients know about the anaesthetist who will be looking after them. In addition the website helps to raise our profile as doctors. From a pre op preparation perspective it saves a great deal of time and makes our practice more time efficient.”

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Anaesthetic Group was founded by Lana Gilchrist, the wife of an anaesthetist. With over 15 years’ experience as general manager of an e-commerce and manufacturing business, her true passion lies in automation and efficiency.

The link began with a simple pre-op questionnaire Lana created for her husband in 2012, to improve his practice, and make his processes more efficient. As there was nothing available at the time, he had been sending out paper questionnaires that arrived late, lacked details or were illegible. The key goal was to allow him focus on what he does best, and the only thing he gets paid for, anaesthetising. When other anaesthetists approached Lana for their own questionnaire, Anaesthetic Group was formed.

Public hospital pre-admission clinics assess and optimise a patient prior to their procedure, Anaesthetic Group aims to ensure that patients in the private hospital setting are similarly screened prior to the day of surgery.


Our Story

“If you’ve ever met me, seen me talk at an anaesthetic conference, or read my articles, you’ll know that Anaesthetic Group began purely to help my husband – I’m an anaesthetist’s wife. What you may not know is that it wasn’t simply to help him become more efficient, and better prepared for patients. It was, above all else, to ensure he had more time for ‘us’.

Since using the online questionnaire, like his colleagues and our other members, he’s managed to save time, have less bad debts (and move to prepayments) and even have time for more private work that he would have spent the time chasing up pre-op assessment.

I have great respect for doctors. And I’m not medical. As anaesthetists, you have people’s lives in your hands. If that’s not stressful, I don’t know what is. Maybe that’s why you all care so much about being great anaesthetists, and prepare so thoroughly for each operation. I love that about your profession – and your patients do too.

If there was ever someone out there with the aim of making an anaesthetist’s life more efficient – it’s someone like me, the wife of an anaesthetist! I see what you go through day in day out, and with a business efficiency background I thrive off creating ‘a better way’. So feel free to sign up today, we only charge one low monthly fee and you can cancel at any time. I’m also always here for you to contact and I love to receive your feedback.”

Best, Lana

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Online forms since 2012
98 %
Patients love the site (in 2020)
completed forms so far

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